Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter Hack Free skins pet

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DeveloperInnersloth LLC
CategoryAction Game
Latest Version2021.6.30
Mod FeaturesAlways imposter hack
Total Installs100,000,000+
Requirements6.0 and up

Among Us Mod APK – Latest Version – Free skins and pets for Android is now available for download. The game is impervious to identity theft. Do you know who it might be?

There’s something off about this. Space shuttles can carry up to ten astronauts into the great unknown. The group contains a few traitors, however. To get rid of them, you must weed them out before they can attempt to kill everyone else.

Do you think you’ll make it through? Try this game on your Android phone, pc, windows and ios devices to see if you can handle the challenge. You can also download this game from happymod.

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Features of Among us Always imposter Hack:

During your journey to build the shuttle, you can view the features that are guaranteed. This isn’t a fake addition created by an imposter. Keep reading and deal with it later.

  • Build your space shuttle by completing each task successfully. Alternatively, you can eject all of the imposters from the game.
  • There is always a chance that a traitor will sabotage your plans. Each player will need to react quickly to move as quickly as possible.
  • By using the Admin map and cameras, you can keep an eye on all crewmates. Ensure you are always alert and on your toes to spot any sign of defectors.
  • A dead body begins to appear. Speak to your teammates immediately. As soon as possible, discuss any evidence you have and try to figure out who the imposters are.
  • However, players can convene meetings to discuss any suspicious behavior or activities they observe.
  • As soon as a verdict is reached, you can vote to eject any suspects. Choose the right people to remain and to eject.

There are still many features to come. The only way to find out what they are is to download the game and play it.

Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter Hack Free skins pet
Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter Hack Free skins pet


Among Us features adorable graphics that perfectly match the style of the game. Ultimately, this is a party game to enjoy and play with friends and family. All of the character models have distinctive features that give them a personality of their own. Based on the design of the characters and settings, Among Us can easily be distinguished from other games.

Besides that, the animations also create some smooth visuals. For the best performance, the game runs at 60fps. Experience seamless and enjoyable gameplay as you run through the map.

It’s easy for anyone to appreciate the effort, creativity, and imagination with the simplistic choice of art style. It’s a party game. Thus, it complements the styling choices in a very lighthearted manner.

Playing Among Us Mod Apk can be a lot of fun and still a lot of fun to watch.

Stunning Gameplay:

It has a unique and stunning gameplay. The crew of the spaceship has some imposters among its members, so as you know there are some crew members going into space. 

Before the imposter kills you, you need to complete certain tasks in a spaceship. The only way to prevent an imposter’s attack is to be in a group. Playing carefully will prevent you from losing. It is possible that you might become the next imposter as the imposter changes with every game.

Among us
Among us

Mod Menu:

You can get a lot of mod features for free with Among Us Mod Menu, which is a hacked version of the game. There are imposters among the members of your crew. This game also uses no kill cooling down. Moving through meetings and holding your next place allows for quick task resolution.

It also has forced all exit and forced all enter features. The mod menu makes it easy to access all the mod features. There is no need to worry about anything since it is an anti-ban version.

All Unlocked with Free skins and Pets:

This game contains some items that are unlocked completely. Each match allows you to wear a different outfit. You can also unlock all the face accessories. Every pet is unlocked. It’s up to you which pet you want. 

In addition, the game has a color picker. The game allows you to pick any color, so no one else can use your favorite colour. Your dead friends are visible as ghosts and their chats can be seen as well. With this mod menu hack version, you can easily expose the imposter.

Among us 2021
Among us 2021

Free to Download

You can play and download this game for free. There is no virus in this hacked version since it has been completely scanned. This game does not contain any hidden costs. It is ad-free. The game is ad-free. A free version is available. Every feature is accessible for free. Enjoy this game for free now.

Mod Menu Features:

  • The Airship map is available now
  • Unlock all skin, pet & hat
  • No ads
  • Free skins and pets
  • Mod Menu
  • Free for Android, PC and iOS
  • Old and latest version
  • Cooldown reduction

Among US Mod Menu APK – All Unlocked, Always imposter

It doesn’t stop there, when you download Among Us Mod APK, you’ll also get unlimited skins, animals, hats, and anti-ban features. Let’s not get carried away with our snacks and drinks yet. We haven’t even discussed what’s included yet.

Therefore, do not hesitate – the traitor is coming nearer. Make sure they do not succeed in sabotaging everything and killing everyone with their plans. The addictive and amusing party game among Us for Android is available now.

screenshot 4
screenshot 4

Game Reviews from Play Store:

“The experience of this game was superb in the first coming of this game. The updates are nice even with the new map and tasks it’s fine. The problem is that removing the chat feature where you type in your response from the game has caused some issues for me and likely others. I admit some things people say in chat aren’t alright but c’mon, you are removing a core feature of the game that has brought hilarious and thrilling into one place.” By Furrytheses

“Okay so, at first this was an amazing game, you could play for free, you didn’t need an email to log in and do all that stuff, but now you have to do that. It’s really annoying because you can’t chat. I mean, I understand people like to do weird things and tell people there phones numbers and ect.. But it still is really annoying. Other than that it’s entertaining, interesting, and a very good game.” By Sierra

“I love this game and all that it stands for, but this recent update is god awful. I wish they left it untouched in all it’s glory. I’m glad it’s a little less glitchy now and I don’t get kicked out of games easily, but it was not a good trade off for making an account with the new awful system, making the Airship map so confusing I can’t even get around, constantly telling me there are no online games when I know there is and getting rid of my skins. Worth it but still sad.” By Juniper Yates Review Source Google Play store

screenshot 5
screenshot 5


On what platforms is among us available?

It is accessible on multiple devices, including PCs, iOS, and Android.

What makes Among Us so popular?

There are multiple devices on which this game can be played, including Android, PC, and iPhone.

Is it free to play?

In this game, cosmetic content is free, but paid content is also available. This will cost between $0.99 and $2.99.

who is the imposter
who is the imposter

What is the procedure for joining games in Among Us?

It’s pretty simple…

  1. Go to the Online menu and select Create Game.
  2. There are now options for choosing a map and editing game settings.
  3. Upon receiving a room code, you can share it with other players.
  4. Those who enter the code can now join.
  5. By setting the room to Public, any random player can join the game.

Among Us can you play alone?

Playing the game with friends was specifically designed for players. To play with your friends or by yourself, you’ll need a minimum of 4 players.

Is it possible to talk in Among Us?

This game focuses on communication. Using the chat and collaborating with others will help you survive and complete each task.

What is the process for changing my name in the game?

  • Go online to start the game.
  • You will find a name box above the Host option.
  • The name you choose is now completely up to you
screenshot 7
screenshot 7
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