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NameBed Wars
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Latest Versionv1.3.1.5
CategoryAction Game
PublisherBlockman Go Studio
Mod FeaturesUnlimited keys / Gcubes
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Bed Wars is a game in which players find themselves engaged in a battle of beds in an action game that is compared to Minecraft. For victory, you must protect your bed and destroy the enemy’s bed.

This online multiplayer game involves many players and includes a team-based PVP mode. He uses all available resources to destroy the bed of the other player. It will remind you of the game Egg Wars if you have played it before. The bed needs to be protected, rather than the eggs.

The mod offers you unlimited money, gcubes, keys and many more things, which you desire. Mod version makes your gameplay more enjoyable. From there on, all features in the premium version are unlocked. Specifically used by the merchants in the island of Bed Wars for swapping equipment.

The equipment and blocks on the center island can be used to collect a greater variety of resources. It is your goal to win all matches easily in the game, and you want good equipment such as Gcubes, Keys, money, etc. 

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Basic Overview:

This game is based on the successful Minecraft survival adventure game called Magical Blocks developed by Mojang. Gameplay is clear and the mission is well defined. Players are required to build beds and protect them from destruction by others. Additionally, you can demolish your opponent’s bed. Before gamers can enjoy Bed Wars, they’ll have to wait until 16 online players are available.

Each group of 16 players goes to a different island. A lot of similarities exist between Minecraft and the island. There, you can gather and store resources and move precious materials, then craft armor using the materials you came across. As well, you have to hide all bedposts on the island. Then players can start building bridges and attempting to knock over other islands.

Four teams were formed from the 16 players. Each of them was born on a different island. It is possible for players on the team to revive as long as the bed is available. You can find iron, gold, diamonds on the island, as well as equipment and weapons you can exchange with merchants.

The central island also allows you to collect additional resources using equipment and square blocks. Destroy the beds on the enemy island, and kill the enemy. Ultimately, the team who survives the game will prevail.

How to Play Bed Wars Mod APK?

The game has been a top Minecraft game for years. Compared to Towny, it is more tranquil. As a team, you will face off against other teams. Protecting your bed is the sole purpose. The question is: what determines a win? There’s a fever spreading among international Minecraft communities because of Bed Wars Mod APK.

As the player, you will appear on an island with a bed ahead of you. In order to defend your team against other teams, you have to hit this target. With BedWars’ gameplay, you must destroy the opponent’s bed while protecting your team’s bed.

Iron – Gold: 

These two types of minerals are needed to build basic tools and weapons. Throughout the base, you will find Iron – Gold. Buy as many barrier building blocks as you can to protect your Team Bed.


Players often see it around the main islands of their teams. It is possible to find diamonds on some islands. You can earn features and equipment such as respawn machines, swords, armor, and tools by going through diamond spawn islands.


In the middle, on the largest island, will be a site for spawning emeralds. For better items and to protect yourself against enemies, collect emeralds. Be careful not to let your bed be torn off. In this case, you won’t be able to respawn after you die.

Bed wars
Bed wars

Highlights of the game:

As you fight, you will find mines or shops that sell tools that allow you to create a protective barrier for the bed or weapons to support you when you are fighting. A player’s victory or defeat will be determined by how well they gather and use their strategies. The game includes resources such as iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds.

In order to gather iron and gold, visit your main base, and they will appear right there. In this game, players can buy basic weapons, such as swords, and blocks that help make a fence around the bed. Players’ bases will appear with diamonds. Having diamonds at your disposal is a great way to upgrade weapons with more power and other support tools such as armor and ore drills.

Several islands contain emeralds as their main ingredient. Your team’s advantage in battle will significantly improve in battle if you collect emeralds. User-customized outfits are available at Bed Wars mod APK. Personalize your character to meet your needs. Taking part in the game allows players to express their personalities to other players, creating excitement.

A wide variety of weapons means that players have numerous options. Players can use axes, bows, arrows, armor, and mining tools as well as basic weapons such as swords. The upgrading of weapons also encourages competition between players. Motivating factors for players include weekly events with attractive prizes. Furthermore, players use ranking mode in order to show their abilities to other players.

mod apk with unlimited gcubes and keys
mod apk with unlimited gcubes and keys

Evaluations on a whole:

In the game’s beginning, four teams are dropped onto four islands, each of which contains a bed that needs to be protected. Everyone strives to reach the bed, as it is the goal of the game. Your bed will revive you after every death as long as it is intact after you die. If you destroy the bed, you lose and must surrender. To attack the enemy base, you must build bridges along the way instead of attacking the opponent’s island.

In Bed Wars, both graphics and context are used like in the Minecraft hit. Having a familiarity with the game helps players to enjoy it more. Designed in a harmonious and beautiful style, the bedroom is dominated by a charming bed. The game’s graphics won’t be blamed for its success given that Minecraft has achieved such success.

A unique feature of the game is its characters, which are vivid and detailed. Weapons are also developed with a variety of colors and designs. This game does not use background music to create concentration for the player or to facilitate communication among team members. Players are made to be excited by walking sounds and fighting sounds.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Churchill Miagao:

This game is so awesome!! but when I buy Gcubes… it said something went wrong please try again? But the is amazing though!! But when i support TylerBanks and I buy Gcubes it doesn’t work… and if the bug was fix but why did It do that just let me buy SOME GCUBES!!!!!!! as I said can you fix that it Said something went wrong please try again.. pls fix it?

Reviewed By rajitha P:

Works but take time to install/ther are many bugs… And this app we need to pay to win 😂 I hate those apps where we have to pay To win but this Is so nice that some times I waste money on it..

Reviewed By Lochana Chathurni:

I love this game it is amazing but you need to add more free stuff, and more effects for weapons and more cool looking armour.

Reviewed By YouTuber boss 1:

I like this game but I was playing it and then my screen shrink and it affect my playing really badly and now I can’t even get a kill in the game because I have to stretch my finger all the way across the screen to play and I couldn’t fix it. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

What’s new in
1.Bug fixed

Final Words:

Bed Wars MOD APK is packed with colorful graphics, with players fighting against other players and protecting the base in intense battles. This game allows players to exhibit their skills as well as their ability to work together collaboratively. Having a relaxing gaming experience after hours of stress will make your work and study more enjoyable.

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