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DeveloperCandywriter LLC
Latest VersionV2.7.4
Total installs10,000,000+
Requirements4.4 and up
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Last updatedToday

In this epic life simulation, you can live life the way you like it in BitLife Mod APK V3.6.3 – God mode – for Android and iOS. Do you want to become a millionaire or a bum? Let’s find out.

Ever wonder what your life would have been like if you had chosen differently? How would things have been different had you studied harder, taken more risks, or even taken fewer risks? If you had lived your life differently, BitLife would show you how everything would have turned out.

It is one of the most ambitious and intricate life simulators we’ve seen yet, developed by Candywriter, LLC. The game offers so many things that it can be a little overwhelming at times. You can download this game on Android, iOS, and PC as well. In the mod version, you’ll also get unlimited money.

Live life you way

Each year, you can choose what to focus on in BitLife. If you don’t feel like studying, taking up hobbies, dating girls, getting married, having kids, or going full rebel, you can always choose to rebel. It’s up to you. 

Each path is different. If you have a high-paying job, for instance, you’ll get extra bonuses in the game and make gameplay a little easier. Alternatively, you might consider marrying an old fart and waiting for them to hit the deck so that you can run off with their inheritance.

Life simulation games are infamously addictive, and this one is no different. Your character will be successful or fail for hours on end. It’s funny how the lessons to succeed in this game are practically identical to those that apply to succeeding in real life: work hard, don’t develop bad habits, and maintain good relationships with others. In the real world, if you succeed in doing these things, you will be successful.

Tips on how to play BitLife:

If you have some tips at your disposal when entering the experience, you are more likely to succeed. The same applies to BitLife. Here are some tips for a successful virtual life – pay attention.

Do your best to study:

Calm down, dad. As corny as it may sound, studying hard early on is the best way to make sure you land a good job (and a good salary), and to avoid a lot of student debt (thanks to scholarships). At the beginning of every New Year, you have the choice to ‘Study harder’ – this is definitely something that you should do.

Find a hobby you enjoy:

You can start by going to the gym. As a result, regular exercise will improve your looks and make you more desirable. Keep your health and wellbeing in mind as you pursue new hobbies. Your health and wellbeing will thank you in the long run.

Engage in a conversation:

Try spending time with the people around you instead of being a miserable bastard. People will disagree with you often – this is where you can choose how to react to them. It is up to you whether to agree to disagree, attack, or simply argue. Make your decision carefully. After a fight with our brother, we got hit with a sword, making us have to restart the game.

Maintain good relations with your parents: 

When your parents pass, you might get a nice inheritance from them if you keep your relationship with them on a positive note. You’ll be good to them if you keep them cool.

Increase your popularity:

Playing the game is almost as easy as being popular at school. When we tried chatting with a classmate, they called us a twat. You’re more likely to experience the same result if you’re not very attractive. Despite this, it is possible to find some people who are willing to tolerate you, and giving them gifts can help. If you need money for gifts, you can ask your parents. Get married to an older, richer person. Honestly, if you marry and inherit some old bints when they die, you could make bank. That’s because, in the real world, it’s pretty much how you’d move to succeed.

Mod Features:

  • God Mode and Bitizenship 2022
  • Unlimited Money
  • Always Win Lottery
  • Boss Mode

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Esperanza:

I love this game, but this glitch where it freezes on a choice screen and doesn’t let me click out is annoying. I try to press a choice to get out of it, but in the background I just see what I picked getting repeated like it happened. This has made the game unplayable for me twice now, with the first time I had to uninstall the game and when I reinstalled all of my lives were gone. I had hoped this would get fixed but it’s been months now.

Reviewed By Jay-and-Dabi:

I love Bitlife, I’ve had it since it first came out, I’ve seen so many updates and it get better but I feel like we should get to pick our species and year, so we could play in the past, present or future, and for Species, perhaps, halflings, like half orc, half dragon, etc. That would be absolutely amazing!! Or, you could make another game that allows this like FantasyLife or something.

Reviewed By Ella Moats:

I really enjoy playing this game, although I do think that the prison life should have more to it. Like maybe add interactions with guards, and make interactions with them and other prisoners like normal interactions you would have outside of person. One other thing that I think would be cool to have in the game is being able to start your own business. Although the game would still be really fun to play even if these would never be put into the game.

Reviewed By Cmawhz:

I was really enjoying the game until the ads started popping up after about an hour of progression. Now half the time playing its just unskippable ads, a few seconds of play time then the next ad. If it was a once every 5 or 10 minutes thing, whatever. But every few actions will trigger another ad, even playing ads back to back. I enjoy the game itself but the ads guarantee I will never touch this again, and I didn’t get deep enough to want to pay for it. Don’t bother with this game if f2p. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

Don’t mind us, Bitizens, we’re just here cleaning the house and performing routine maintenance!

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Game Screenshots:

BitLife Mod APK – God Mode, Unlimited Money, Premium Unlocked

You should download BitLife Mod APK Unlock Premium if you want to make your life easier. Play this life simulator game now and you’ll have a much easier time.

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