Cookie Clickers MOD APK 1.54.5 (Unlimited Lottery & Bingo)

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Latest Version1.0.0
CategorySimulation Game
Total Installs1,000,000+
Requirements5.1 and up
Mod Featuresunlimited cookie
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Idle game in which you have to bake cookies to win the universe. It is an official Cookie Clicker Mod Apk app published by dashnet (Orteil & Opti). Use it at your own risk.

  • You can then buy cookie-making items to make cookies for you. Continue tapping to make cookies for you!
  • There are hundreds of achievements and upgrades to unlock.
  • As the game continues even when you close your phone, you can set up your dream bakery and resume at a later date.
  • Lovely pixel art and text describing flavors!
  • It’s an alpha! More features are coming soon.
  • Grandmas are dangerous!

Having a hard time passing the time lately and wishing you had some fun while playing an addictive mobile game? With this amazing game from redBit games, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Due to its simplicity, you will be familiar with the game play within a few seconds of playing this unique game. As you progress, it doesn’t become harder, just more enjoyable. Upon learning how it works, it’s hard to believe a simple mobile game can be quite entertaining.


As players work hard in the game to become the best cookie provider in the world, they begin their ultimate cookie journey. To collect new pieces, tap on the giant cookie on the screen. You can earn awesome rewards each time you hit your goal. Collect new buffs from the store to collect more cookies.

As you unlock more cookies, attempt to tap as hard as you can on the cookie and enjoy this insanely simple Android game: Cookie Clickers. You’re done. Don’t let this feel monotonous or repetitious.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Easy to play, yet addictive clicker game

On Android devices, gamers can enjoy this game’s extremely accessible gameplay. In seconds, you will become comfortable with the controls. The other version of the game is Cookie Clickers 2.

Even though the game is simple, its unique gameplay will become completely addicting for you. However, as soon as you get into the game, you’ll be hooked on the clicking mechanic. Clicker games make you so attached to them because of something in them.

Upgrades to collect more cookies

In Cookie Clicker, players are able to buy different upgrades for their cooking factories to help them collect more cookies. Moreover, the game offers a wide variety of upgrading options, such as lending you some hands to click the cookies and multiplying the clicking effects.

A top-notch buff that’ll drastically boost your performance

Aside from having awesome buffs, the game also has exciting challenges. The powerful buffs will accelerate the rate at which you make cookies. You should make the most of them while you have them because they’re only temporary. 

Players in the game can also enjoy this unique gameplay by completing achievements to unlock trophies and prizes. 

It is much more exciting to compete with other gamers through achievements in order to unlock trophies and prizes. Take pride in earning bragging rights when you show off your trophies.

Compete with online players and friends

Furthermore, it offers a lot less excitement without the online gameplay where you can compete against other players. During this epic online challenge, you will be able to choose between friends on social networks and international athletes. 

Compete with the top players in the world by earning the top amount of cookies. Defeat your opponents and reach the highest positions in the leaderboards by challenging them and winning.

Getting extra cookies is relatively easy

Cookie Clickers offers a wide variety of cookies for Android gamers to choose from. However, the challenge offers extra gold cookies if you complete it. Alternatively, you can watch ads and earn more gold cookies. Moreover, you will definitely enjoy the daily rewards.

Play online games with a weekly challenge

It’s definitely okay if you think you have a hard time climbing the leaderboards since you are still a beginner to the game; you can join the weekly challenges with other players. Compete with another cookie clicker from around the world to earn the highest amount of cookies. Whenever you like, you can take part in the challenges.

Earn trophies and prizes by completing achievements

Cookie Clicker also offers gamers the opportunity to complete exciting achievements. If you don’t want to compete with other players, consider taking on the challenging achievements to earn trophies and prizes. Impress your friends as you earn bragging rights.

Don’t give up

Furthermore, the game has an amazing online save option that lets you save your progress in-game on the cloud. When you start the game again next time, even on another device, you’ll be right where you were.

Play the game online or offline

Cookies Clicker provides offline gaming features, so if you normally stay outside and are not always connected to the Internet, you’ll find it very useful. Consequently, the game can be played most of the time without Internet access as well.

Play for free

There is a free version of this game in the Google Play Store right now. Thus, you do not have to pay for the installation on your device. In addition, you may find our next article useful if you prefer to play without annoying ads.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

Our Cookie Clicker Mod APK will give you unlimited gameplay access on your mobile device simply by downloading it. To ensure a proper installation, follow our instructions carefully. 

Quality of visuals and sound


Overall, you will find the interface quite intuitive, while you will also enjoy the simple visual effects that enhance your gaming experience. Its simple graphics and undemanding gameplay will make the game very enjoyable for you.


The world of Cookie Clicker is simple and relaxing. There are millions of tasty cookies around you.

Game Reviews:

“I just really wish it was the full game. Idk anything about programming, but surely it can’t be that difficult to import seasonal events and sugar lumps, as well as other mini games. An app is much more accessible than a browser tab, so hopefully they complete the Android version soon. Otherwise, I love the design and I have wasted so much time building my cookie business. I’m so glad it was released on the Google play!” By Cathryn McLeod

“A whole lot different than the pc version, this is still good idle fun, but very half baked. (Pun fully intended.) For the most part it’s just a simplified and reformatted version of normal cookie clicker, but it has one MAJOR problem: there’s no way to share your progress between devices. This is pretty annoying, and means that all your progress on this app is mortal, and will die with your device. If there were a way to connect to an account, save to a file, etc, I’d rate this much higher.” By charles palke

“I am addicted to this game and loving it. I would give it 5 stars but having also played the steam version this one seems unbalanced. Farms in particular feel nerfed since there are no mini games in this version. I hope they continue to tweak how much production each building gets given that there are less other features to balance things out.” By Fawkes Conibear

“Love the game, but this app needs work. The banner ads take a while to load and when they do they push the rest of the UI up, so if you were about to tap something at the bottom of the screen then you end up tapping the ad. It runs slow and many visual effects don’t work unless I reboot the app. This one is weird as it wasn’t a problem for my 5 year old Xperia, but is for my 1 year old Pixel. On that note, it seems you can’t transfer save data. I say give it a try, but keep expectations low.” By Katy

Game Screenshots:

Download Cookie Clickers Mod latest 1.46.1 Android APK

In spite of being a simple game on mobile devices, Cookie Clicker is extremely addictive. This game and Tap Titans are good choices for someone looking for an idle clicking game on their mobile devices.

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