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DeveloperTiny Games Srl
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Latest Versionv1.14.10
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Requirements4.0.3 and up
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Cookie Clickers 2 is a mobile app that allows you to click or tap an image of a giant cookie to create a new one. Cookies can become more abundant whenever you buy facilities such as the “Grandma” and “Farm” that produce cookies per second. Additionally, you can purchase items that boost click-through-rate.

Cookie Clickers 2 is now available on mobile devices. According to the editorial department, the Android version is also available. Cookies will eventually increase in number. As we monitor the situation, let’s increase cookies by adding more facilities and boosting items. Players will gradually become addicted to the game.

In the early stages, you will find that the cookies increase like crazy even without being played at all. Nevertheless, it is nice to get the golden cookie every now and then.

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The game belongs to the simulation category. The goal of the game is to bake cookies to rule the world. There is no difference between the Android and Web browser versions of Cookie Clicker 2. The game is safe and fun to play even if you don’t open it very often, since cookies are likely to increase.


This game is so accessible to people from all walks of life that we thought it should be malleable. Players generated new cookies by clicking on the big cookie in the beginning.

As a result, the player’s appearance in the news center at the top would be mocked. Apparently they dumped your first cookie in the trash can or handed it to the raccoons nearby. You don’t need to touch that cookie at all.

Purchasing new equipment earns new biscuits, which are used to buy new equipment to make more biscuits, which is an endless loop. Instead, why don’t you buy all those biscuits at one time? Just let it go, the more cookies this game earns, the better!

In summary, regardless of their meaning, here are ten devices you should consider buying. Certain technologies can boost production after the purchase by upgrading existing equipment. Not all materials have the same purchase cost. Each material should have its own purchase cost. Prices increase as more materials are purchased.

Installations, Upgrades, and Hacks:

It is so hard to keep up with the upgrades, yet the cookies are so minimal. Now you can use your cookies.

To begin, players must create an excel spreadsheet. This group of serious, energetic, and serious players deserve our respect and we’d like to thank them for their hard work. After everyone adopted cookie monster, we then began playing in the JavaScript environment. Listing costs, returns, and values of each investment makes it extremely convenient.

By applying it, players can instinctively know how spending the cookies should be done. Besides calculating how many biscuits you need to deposit to buy what you want, you can even calculate the amount of time it takes to deposit. As well as learning when and how long the next golden cookie will take to appear.

When it comes to cookie statistics, a useful one includes how many heavenly chips you’ll get if you reset it under the current conditions. We’ll discuss it later on. Select a JavaScript console in the Tools menu in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.

In the console, paste the JavaScript below. Once you press Enter, the page will load. If you bookmark this page, you can load JavaScript into the game by clicking on the bookmark on the game page. It is a very simple and useful feature.

In a few days after installation, you should be able to see the different colors and numbers of upgrades and equipment. This investment is terrible if the system is green, and it should be red if it is red.

Extra Cookies:

Now, let’s talk about getting extra cookies.

Golden Biscuit

The effects of clicking on random fortune cookies are as follows:

  • 48.175% is Frenzy: The output of cookies in 77 seconds is seven times (including mouse points)
  • 48.175% is Lucky: The algorithm written by the author is very complicated. But in short, it is about 10% of the existing cookies. So, the more existing cookies, the better, but this also has an upper limit.
  • 3.325% is Click Frenzy: In 13 seconds, you can get 777 times the amount of a giant cookie. If you use a mouse to click the program, you can earn money that might take hours or even a day. The output is scary!
  • 0.325% is a Cookie Chain: The first one is six cookies, the second one is 66 after three seconds, the third one is 666 after three seconds, and the highest point is 6,666,666,666,666,666. And we have not counted what kind of unit this is?

Red Cookies

As soon as Grandma clicks to upgrade One Mind, her anger will be manifest. At the beginning, you will see random crackers. The game is called “Grandmapocalypse.” The chances of you winning depend on how angry the abuser is.

High indexes indicate a high likelihood of occurrence. A state that is appeased causes no red cookies, but when angered, red cookies appear 100%.

With each level you reach, the scolds will get angrier. Additionally, the background will go from disgusting to more disgusting. There are special effects in the Red Cookies as well, but they do not always appear right.

  • 27.94% is Ruin: losing 5% of the existing biscuits
  • 27.94% is Lucky: the effect is the same as the golden biscuits
  • 27.94% is Clot: reducing the production capacity by half for 66 seconds. If you have to buy extended cookies, it upgrades the effect, the time will double.
  • 6.90% is Elder Frenzy: It has 6 seconds to increase the production capacity by 666 times. It is said that many people order Red Cookies for this, but we are not sure if this is true.
  • 2.21% is Click Frenzy: the effect is the same as Golden Biscuit
  • 7.08% is Cookie Chain: the result is the same as Golden Biscuit

Therefore, the red cookies won’t harm you, they’re just to survive the game’s background.


Kitten upgrades include the four following upgrades. In addition to more biscuit production, the update requires enough milk. How do we define milk?

Unlocked achievements are referred to as milk. Stats provide some information about this. The primary screen displays the turbulent liquid below the biscuits as the state of milk.

It’s true! Your accomplishments influence how much milk you get. Different percentages will result in different types and colors of upgrades.

  • 0% < plain milk < 148%
  • 152% < chocolate milk < 248%
  • 252% < Raspberry milk < 348%
  • 352% < Orange juice

After resetting, we will retain the achievements that were previously divided into categories. There’s no need for concern.

Heavenly Chip (HC)

The number of Heavenly Chips you receive depends on how many biscuits you baked during each reset. Every Heavenly Chip is multiplied by 2% of production. However, the author lowered the proportion consistently.

It seems there is one Heavenly Chip per gigabyte. By enacting a cookie monster, we will see how much HC we can get right now, how much capacity we will be able to increase, and how long it will be before we get the next chip.

The statistics will show Prestige after the rest. Here is your latest Heavenly Chips reward. Players who come to the computer for leisure time seem to rank very high, as seen by how often they play.

Evaluation Summary

Depending on the environment, does it work well? As for Cookie Clickers 2 Hacked APK, the game created its own browser.

Keeping up with the web world and trendy things is a sublight speed, as expected. There was a weakness in this game that would stop processing when the screen was turned off when you transferred data from your smartphone to your computer.

In the background, cookies will continue baking if the player’s activity is not paused. It appears complicated to limit the smartphone browser’s essential functions.

However, you shouldn’t worry. No matter how far away you are from it, it has a feature that affects it to itself, regardless of how you touch it. Upon pressing the main menu button (multitask button), you will see the main menu, which you can touch freely.

There are 100 touches per second at this unusual touch speed. I find it amazing.

Additionally, the game has a cheating feature that lets you summon golden cookies at will. It is possible to unlock the achievement “spoofing” if you use this function.

In addition, you can open the Japanese version of the page by fixing the screen horizontally. You will find it extremely convenient. Despite the screen being off, the feature keeps cookies on the back.

It may also be because they usually use it on Google Play store review pages. This needs further examination.

There is no doubt that playing on your smartphone will take longer than using this application.

Game Reviews:

“This game is awsome. The developers planned the whole thing out nicely. One thing to remember. “Slow and steady wins the race.” It means to me They develop this slowly and thought what to put. Bye!” By Rodeline Imperial

“This game is amazing, but something happened when I clicked with my autoclicker for a very long time, the pumpkin (cookie) broke and shatter all over the place! Really fun game and nice Easter egg” By Rafael Vieira

“Game is simple until the tasks start becoming stupid and impossible to achieve quickly or simply without spending real money. I even bought enough for one of the first little tiers I got stuck on, which cost around 5 dollars in their in-game currency, and almost immediately ran into another tier of pretty much the same thing. Extremely disappointing.” By John Sonnier

Final Words

It was announced on September 28 that an Android app of the game “Cookie Clicker” was released for the mobile platform. Although it is still under development, it is free to download. There is also an iPhone app in development. On social media, there are both joyful cries and confused cries.

DashNet is an overseas game site that publishes Cookie Clicker 2 MOD APK free of charge. By clicking the left-hand cookie, you can increase your possession of cookies according to the number of clicks. The only difference is that if you use increased cookies to buy items, you will increase cookies efficiently.

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