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Download the latest version of Designer city building game mod apk with unlimited money and Gold.

Create a town from scratch. Become a metropolis by developing a city. The game lets you build anywhere you want!

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Features of Designer City Building Game:


In this city builder game, you have to build skyscrapers and houses to attract residents to your island. In addition to constructing residential and commercial buildings where they can work and improve your city’s skyline, you will also construct industrial and commercial buildings for them to work.

Keep your new residents happy in their new town by providing city services, leisure and community buildings, parks, and decorations.

Having happy Sims in your city will generate more income for you to use to improve the skyline and make your city more beautiful. Ensure your citizens can get around during the day and at night using transportation networks. To increase business, industry, and tourism, design and build large seaports and huge airports.

Parks and monuments can help you decorate your town. Include world-famous landmarks to make your town stand out. Build your own city with over a thousand different buildings to choose from in this city building game. Provide your town with food by farming the land.


Designer City Mod APK offers a variety of experiences not limited to city building. It is not just a simulation of a town, it is a game about creating the perfect city. There are no restrictions. Create fabulous city skylines in this free city building game by designing your own skylines or use the inbuilt advanced analytics to optimize your city.

City building games players/city building business tycoons with higher levels of experience can apply town zoning principles, manage pollution levels, efficiently deploy city services, and optimize city resources to maximize city happiness and build wealth.

It’s all up to you whether you want to keep it simple or micromanage building your city and keeping your sims happy.


As you progress in the game, you can manipulate the land to create the perfect skyline for your cities because dynamic land generation means no two cities will ever appear the same. For example, would you like a river flowing through your city? It’s easy to make one.

Looking to build an industrial complex? There is no problem in developing a downtown area for skyscrapers now and in the future. Are you interested in creating a zero-carbon city? You can offset your carbon emissions with public transportation, parks, lakes, and forests. You can design your city the way you want.

It’s your choice how you build your city with the non-scripted nature of the game. It’s up to you. Are you able to make your dream city the top of the many city building leader boards?

Watch a new landscape dynamically generate for you each time you play the city reset mode. It is the perfect city building game for those who love town building games. Happy designing!

Important Note: 

You don’t need an internet connection to play Designer City Mod APK, which is completely free. Payment is required for some in-game items, such as game currency.

How to install Designer City Building Game?

  • Download the latest version of the game from the above download button
  • Uninstall the official version
  • Go to setting
  • Allow unknown resources

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited everything

Player Reviews:

Reviewed By Leeroy Jainese:

Very enjoyable game. No pressure to buy anything. Take your time in planning out your city wisely, and the revenue intake will cover your development. Actually kind of relaxing to play this game. The only stressful thing about it is, trying to choose from the hundreds options available. Excellent job Devs!!👍 Just noticed there’s a pink pac man ghost floating around on my streets. What’s up with this?

Reviewed By CADMITE Collaborative:

Excellent overall especially with the added info about the buildings. Would be great to make it easier to find and select similar buildings. An increase of the grid size? Rotate 360deg? There’s always room for improvement..

Reviewed By TNMT ENT:

What idiot programmer thought it would be fun to have to add a police station, a school, and a fire station every three residential properties? You get awesome graphics and the NPC’s are also fun to look at, but in order to build a city that’s not burning down you have to design a Police State!! Let me guess, the designer is a Communist from China!!! You guys are so obvious!!!

Reviewed By Rick Hart:

After everything is said and done, your game is good. Unfortunately, it’s very simple to play and i got bored quickly. I’m lv 120 in just a few days and make almost 240 million an hour. Since reaching lv 100 just yesterday. I’m already set to get a hundred diamonds a day, will be much more if i continue playing. I estimate i’d get 2500 diamonds a day in time if i continue current route. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

We hope you enjoy the new features and buildings in this update.

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