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Are you tired of using the same old messaging app on your phone? Do you want to spice up your chat experience with new features and customizations? Look no further than GB WhatsApp Lite apk! This popular messaging app offers all the functionality of the standard WhatsApp, but with added features like customizable themes, enhanced privacy options, and the ability to send large files.

Plus, its lightweight design means it won’t hog your phone’s resources. So why settle for boring old messaging when you can upgrade to GB WhatsApp Lite?

Some of your friends might read your messages even if you delete them. The message ticks might remain grey while they are replying to your messages. You must be thinking about how are they replying without blue ticks and hide last seen. However, doing this and more is very simple. Your friend is just using a GB version of WhatsApp.

What is GBWhatsapp Lite App?

“Gigabyte Whatsapp” is a full form of GBWhat’s app. It is simply the version of the original version. If you are a gamer, then you must know that we install apps for the original game. It gives us a lot of functions and features that are not available in the original version.

The app also comes with a lot of features that are not available GBWhatsapp for iPhone. They make chatting easier with a lot more control over your privacy than other users. People who want more features than a standard WhatsApp opt for the version. It is available in multiple languages.

Disclaimer: This website does not promote or encourage any illegal software. All the content provided by this website is just for educational purposes only.

GBWhatsapp 2022 app users can read deleted messages, enjoy more themes, freeze their last scene, and much more. It is available easily on Android phones. There are some ways that we will discuss later in the article.

So, we will learn what makes it different from a normal one. We will also look into the pros and cons of the app. In the end, we will discuss whether you need to download the app or not.

GBWhatsapp APK File Details:

App NameGB Whatsapp Apk
Android Version4.3 and above
Last updatedYesterday
Latest version12.03
Total Downloads4,000,000+
App Size53.5 MB
Root RequiredNo

Features and Benefits:

In this section of our article, we will find what are the different options available for you. In this part, we will look at all the benefits that you get to enhance more control over your app. Some of the key benefits are:

  • This app provides the facility to save any story on your device.
  • You can hide the date and name from the message while copying them.
  • At the same time, you can see on the home screen who is online.
  • In GBWA, you can hide the forwarding tag after sending forwarded messages.
  • You can anytime change the theme and fonts for any chat that you are in.
  • Unlike the original version, it doesn’t ask for root access.
  • Using this app, you can easily send high-resolution images.
  • The best privilege of using this app is that you can read a deleted message on your app. Thus, you can read your friend’s message even if they delete it on time. The messages are stored on its servers and even if the sender deletes it from official Whatsapp servers, they are available on GB servers. So, you can read them anytime. When someone deletes the media sent to you, it will remain there for as long as you wish.
  • It allows you to send larger media files at a time. The standard limit on WhatsApp is 20 to 25 MBs for different files. However, the GB version will allow you to send larger files without any issue. No one can predict how large files you can send. The reason is that the size of the file changes with each update.
  • You can send a lot of files all at once. In the current version, you can send up to 90 files at once. However, the number varies slightly with new updates.
  • The best part of using this App is that you have the feature to activate anti-ban from WhatsApp groups. Thus, your friends can’t ban you from any group once they fight with you.
  • The pro version gives you the facility to lock any particular chat with a password.
  • In this version, you can block calls from a specific contact. The older version will not allow anyone to call you once you block him. Your friend will know that they are blocked and may even start another fight with you. However, it allows you to block incoming calls from a specific person without blocking them. Thus, they can’t call you and will think that there is some network issue. They will never know that you blocked them.
  • Among the most common features, it allows you to see the status of a person without the other person knowing it. Thus, you can stalk a person, watch all their status, and they won’t know. You can even set this option for a specific person or a group of people. So, some people will know when you see their status while others won’t know it.

Advantages of the App:

Built-in Themes:

You can anytime change the theme of your app. You can set it the way that you like the most. There are many built-in themes, and you can select among them.

Multiple Icons:

The GBWA allows you to change the icon of your WhatsApp. Thus, instead of using the basic icon, you can select any icon of your choice.

Hide Chat:

Hide chat option is also available in this app.

Dual Whatsapp:

It allows you to use WhatsApp on more than one mobile number on a single phone. Thus, you can activate as many WhatsApp as possible at a time.

Video Status Limit:

You can upload video status up to 30 seconds in original Whatsapp but in GBWA, there is no such limit.

Anti-revoke Feature:

An Anti-revoke feature is also available which doesn’t allow the sender to delete sent messages if you enable the anti-revoke option.

Amazing Stickers:

GBWA has the feature to use stickers from third-party apps.

Hide Blue and Double Ticks:

You can even hide blue ticks or double ticks of the message. This way, your friend will never know that you have read their message. This feature is very crucial as it gives you an extra layer of privacy.

Frozen Last Seen:

There comes the feature that everyone likes that is frozen last seen. This is the feature that most people look for. Most users start using that app just for this feature. It allows you to freeze your last seen and use the app at the same time. Suppose you freeze your last seen at 2 pm. Now, you will use WhatsApp for as long as you wish, and your friends may think that you are offline from 2 pm. The last seen refreshes as soon as you access your WhatsApp from the web.

Hide Recording Audio:

Another similar option is to hide your “recording audio” message when you are recording something. Thus, no one will know when you are recording audio.

Hide Blue Color:

Another best feature is that you can even hide the blue color on the audio message. We know that as soon as we listen to audio, the grey color turns to blue. However, when you turn this option on, the audio bar will remain grey even if you play the audio.

Airplane Mode:

The option that I like the most is the Airplane mode. This effective option stops your WhatsApp from using the internet even if the mobile is connected to an internet connection. No other app will be affected, and only your WhatsApp will stop receiving an internet connection. If you are late on a deadline and want to use the internet but at the same time, want no one to disturb you through messages; this option will be best for you.

Privacy Protection:

You can apply a password and protect your Whatsapp app as well as apply a password on any specific chat. Thus, you have more control over your privacy and who can see your inbox messages.

Inbuilt Message Scheduler:

Another best feature is to schedule messages at a specific time. So, if you don’t want to miss the birthday of your loved one, and suspect that you might be out of coverage at midnight, you can simply schedule the birthday wish. Your loved one will receive your message at that time. They will love it.

Show Always Online Status:

Another effective option is to remain online all the time. If your boss requires you to remain online at a specific time, then this option will be useful. You just keep your App open in the background. It will drain more battery but proves effective in critical times.

Watch Media without Downloading:

Last but not least is the common option that lets you watch media without downloading it. Those who use WhatsApp on the web know-how useful this option is. It allows you to decide for every media whether you want to download it or not and gives you a full preview. Thus, you have more control over what downloads in your mobile and what media to keep safe.

GBWhatsapp pro
GBWhatsapp app

GBWhatsApp vs Original WhatsApp:

Supported Languages45130
Media Sharing Limit50 MB15 MB
Document Sharing Limit100 one time30 One time
Hide Last SeenYesNo
Status CopyingYesNo
Theme ChangingYesNo
Blank Message SendingYesNo
Root RequiredYesNo
Pdf,txt document sharingYesNo
Status Characters LengthYesNo

The first question that people ask is what differs it from the normal version. People want to download its latest version or old version even if it is not available officially. So, there must be some key benefits of the app. These are the features that one can’t get in original WhatsApp and always look for these types of apps.

Well, the basic difference is the features that this version provides you. It allows you to customize the privacy, layout, themes, settings, as well as other critical options too. It is a simple version of the original WhatsApp and works the same as the original app. Your messages on this app are sent directly to any official WhatsApp with no issues at all.

Moreover, it also gives you a lot of the latest fonts and themes that you love. There are a lot of versions available for your WhatsApp app. Each of them differs in functions and the extent to which it offers you different options. So, this is for anyone who wants more features and customizing options for their original app. The original version can never give you the same features because of official restrictions but these are here to assist you anytime.


Unlike the pros, the cons of using GB WhatsApp are not very much. We will try to keep it short and to the point. Some people are afraid of installing any app in their original versions. This section is very crucial for these people. Before you install an app to your original app, you must know what could be the possible cons.

Privacy Risk?

One of the major risks is that your privacy is always at risk. We know who is the developer of the original version. Whenever there is any security breach, we know who is the person behind it. The team working at WhatsApp is small and trusted. Their servers use the latest technology to keep them safe.

However, there is no official website for GB Whatsapp apkpure. There is no major incident reported, but still, it remains a great concern for people.

Will Whatsapp ban me?

In my opinion, the thing that should concern you is the official WhatsApp ban on your account. This will mean that you can’t use WhatsApp further before you install official WhatsApp. They will block your number and won’t allow original app users to receive your messages.

This issue is not very common and happened just two times. Once it was in 2015 and again in 2019 when blocked a lot of versions. This could frustrate you and leave you in big trouble with no way left to escape. So, when you start using this app, you must be ready to get banned.

The right strategy will be to keep your app updated as soon as they release a new update. The new version always comes with some anti-ban features and will save you.

Installation Guide:

Gb Whatsapp kesy download kare? We all know that neither Google Play Store allows this app, nor it is available on the App Store. So, We have given a link above to Download the apk current version for android. Just click on the download button to download the file on your mobile and start using this amazing app.

How to Install GBWhatsApp on Android without losing data and chats?

We have given a step by step guide. Read the following steps

Step 1: Firstly, go to the mobile setting, security setting, and allow unknown resources.

Step 2: Open the My files folder from your device, go to the download folder and find the apk file. Click on it and start installing the app.

Step 3: It will start to install. As soon as the app is installed on your mobile, you will see a message that tells you that you successfully installed the app.

Step 4: Now, simply open the app and create your account by entering your mobile number as shown below in the picture.

Step 5: Backup your data if there is any local or Drive backup available. Once your number is verified, you can start using GB WhatsApp messenger.

How to Update GB WhatsApp fb?

Updating your app is not very simple. We know that we click a simple option “update” in our app/ play store, and it updates all our apps. Since these are built-in apps, you will receive their updates on auto and update them with just a click.

However, the same doesn’t remain true for GB WhatsApp app. You can’t find it on any app store as it is not an official version. A GB user must try and find the latest updates on his own. He should also download it from third-party sites every time there is a new update. Thus, there is a risk of a virus attack when you download stuff from these sites.

A better option will be to bookmark that one website which gives you an updated version. Every time you see that there is a new update, download only from that website. Thus, you can improve your device security also.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I download this version?

We have simply defined all the steps that are involved when you are downloading the app. The simplest way is to click on the download button available on our website.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe as long as you are not very unlucky. Rarely there are some privacy breaches while sometimes official might ban you. However, thousands of people are using it for years without any issue. So, you can trust them.

Is it banned?

It’s neither banned, nor it is illegal to use. The apk file is available openly on Google and you can download and install it anytime. However, the play store and App store can’t host it on their system because of legal issues.

Why this app is banned?

WhatsApp gives some features to its users. It expects its users to keep using the same features and never jump onto searching for more. However, when users try third-party apps to get more features, the doesn’t like it. It’s like cheating official app users and will ban anyone who is using this app

Can I use WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp?

Most people ask us, is it possible to use and GB at the same time? People want to use on more than one number. Since this app is developed differently, you can use both apps on the same phone. However, you must use them on a different number as using the same number is allowed on one app at a time.

Can I get multiple accounts on GB Version?

When you download the GB Version, the first question that comes into mind is that am I allowed to use multiple accounts on this version? Official won’t allow it as you can only install once on your mobile. The app limits an account per user and there is no official way to use more than one account on a single mobile.

Some users use third party mirror apps to use more than one official account. However, mirror accounts have other issues. Locating their storage is also very difficult.

So, when it comes to the GB WhatsApp fb app, the good news is that there is no account limit here. You can use as many accounts as you wish of a That too on a single mobile phone with different numbers. Thus, there is no limit on you. The only thing that you must manage is to install different versions of the same app. On each version, you can add a separate account and will have separate data in your files.

Should I Use this version?

We clarified all the pros and cons of using a customized version of WhatsApp. There are a lot of benefits of using this app. However, there are some cons too and we have mentioned them.

If you are the one who needs all these features and ready to take the risk of using apps on the original app, then you must use GB WhatsApp app. However, if you are one who loves to play safe, then it is not good for you.

Some precautions will save you from banning. When you perform all those, then you will be safe even if you use a customized app.

What is GB in Whats App?

GB means Gigabyte. It is the abbreviation of GBwhatsapp that comes with new features every single day.

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