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Besides exploring new lands and collecting monsters to fight fierce battles, Evertale (MOD APK, Free Shopping/Menu) also offers players the opportunity to collect new monsters.

Exploring distant places is one of our human interests. The hobby sometimes brings me to magical fairy tale locations, or even to a film like Alice in Wonderland. If this journey were only seen through the eyes of a movie on the big screen, it would be unbearably dull.

Take a dip in another fairy tale you are the one who will write instead? It is difficult to imagine, but for now, let Evertale assist you. As we participate in this game’s adventure with many legends, as well as any summoned beasts it may have, we will easily be transported to a fascinating, utterly unfamiliar space.

What is Evertale Mod APK Soul Stone?

The Everell – Fairy World is one of the most captivating places people have ever been to in their lives. Hearing tales from his grandmother sounded like a distant world that never came to pass. In ten years’ time, technologies were not as advanced as they are now.

With the Internet, you can now instantly watch the two parts of a movie like Alice in a Beautiful Country in its entirety by simply opening any web page. Google Play has a game called EverTel that features fairy elements. Recently, you have a number of valuable options to choose from.

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Evertale Mod APK One Hit
Evertale Mod APK One Hit

An incredibly compelling storyline:

Start playing; it’s time for the producers to transport you into a world covered in a fairy tale style. Rather, we are now a character inside Evertale, exploring the world. A spell called Pandemonium has long ago plagued this land of Erden.

According to this curse, every 100 years the world will face a catastrophic event. Presently, this danger lacks a cycle, and it is erratic. Erden may face a similar catastrophe 18 years after the last one. A time of turmoil can easily create heroes, and right now at Erden, that is true. Two heroes have appeared to save this world for all time.

 Build monsters and catch them:

Capture, fight, and train mysterious monsters in a breathtaking fantasy world. In this vast open-world game, discover countless dungeons, winding roads, and vast landscapes!

Defeat the deadly Pandemonium with a group of unsuspecting heroes. Create and train over 180 creatures to battle in supercharged monster battles!

Get lost in an engaging offline story or compete online against global players. Defend your territory in a fast-paced PvP league and form limited teams to unlock limited edition gear and power-ups, and top your opponents!

Expanding capacity:

Over 180 monsters and heroes await your capture, training, and development in this impressive story-driven quest!

Experience Erdan’s 6 diverse areas, each collecting its own unique monster, meeting friends and enemies along the way.

Take advantage of legendary weapons, equipment, and accessories to boost your warriors and gain an edge over your opponents.

Engage in battle and connect:

Hundreds of abilities enable you to create the perfect combo to destroy your opponents in 4v4 battles! Take part in real-time PvP leagues and form guilds to uncover one-on-one items with your fellow players.

Get exclusive unlockables and limited characters to add to your collection with our weekly online events!

Storytelling experience:

Despite his bounty, Erden suffers from an ancient curse – Pandemonium, which descends every 100 years. Its destruction can only be prevented by loyal crest bears, but all have failed to prevent it from wreaking havoc once again.

On a perilous quest to discover the mystery of the ancient curse, you embark on a perilous journey with two young heroes and allies, who make friends along the way.

The game features a huge open world that allows players to visit a variety of locations. On their way to Erdon, they will pass through the deadly Pandamonium. There are different challenges facing teams in each region. 180 animals are available for summoning in the game, and you can choose from them and fight with them.

It is in the dangerous battle where people will see how close they are to each other. As well as summoned monsters, you can develop them. The morphology will change and they will become stronger and possess more potential skills as they reach a certain level.

Evertale Mod APK
Evertale Mod APK

Mod Features of Evertale God Mode:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • One hit
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Soul Stone

The gameplay is unique and diverse:

You will experience fascinating gameplay if you follow the above storyline. As part of this game, the characters must fight all the dangers to protect the world from imminent danger. Our warriors will encounter evil monsters on their journey, and we will be able to add them to our squad. Be confident that new warriors will bring you income.

As soon as they are paid, our shogun will train and train them all to become the very best. You can practice your special skills when confronted by strange creatures. When you have built a powerful army, you will find out about the final evil forces, so you can fight them. Save the world as best you can!

 Additional modes of play:

Along with the captivating story of saving the cursed Erden world, there are additional game modes. In the first game mode, Evertale Mod APK will apply a familiar 4v4 game mode.

Getting into this mode requires a vast array of training and the ability to handle various situations that you have been trained for. It is solely up to you as an online player to hone your skills and assemble a team of monsters capable of defeating any other monster trainer in this mode.

You won’t want to miss Evertale if you enjoy adventure games. It will transport you to a fantasy land resembling a fairy tale. Still, the bloody and firefighting aspect of the game remains intact.

In the quest to save our world, how will brave warriors be able to gather warriors and fight the forces of evil? Our strategists will compete for high and low in an online PvP, 4v4 mode, where they will meet each other. Be a perfect warrior by joining this game!

Evertale Mod APK One Hit Unlimited Soul Stone Gems 2021
Evertale Mod APK One Hit Unlimited Soul Stone Gems 2021

What’s New in the Latest Version?

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

User Reviews:

Reviewed By James Books:

Great RPG, NOT monster catching. The monsters you catch in the very beginning are quickly out valued by the ones you summon. The story is amazing and there are weekly mini stories to complete after the main story is done. The game outside of the story is mostly idle, you come in once a day to collect the gains, place platoons for war, and complete quests, the rest of the time is spent either spending mana for stories, or collecting from the tower. Very fun, you progress quickly without much cost.

Reviewed By Kuniku778:

Evertale is good, but not what the adds portray it as. It starts as a generic RPG and slowly, (and i mean slowly) become a gacha with a great story. The offline portion is good for getting characters leveled early on and getting used to the games mechanics. After the offline the story opens up to a far more compelling script and the game is relatively generis with its resources. (but not so much that it cant turn into an ocean of debt for a whale quickly) Strategy beats MOST pay to win.

Reviewed By S&K Galindo:

Decent gameplay thus far, im on chapter 4 now and I will change my review if my opinion changes. I can already tell that the gacha is strong with this game, there’s a large power difference between gacha characters and free ones. While there are quite a few cheap 1-3$ beginners packs to purchase, the vast majority of purchases are certainly not cheap per gacha roll. I like the game so far, it’s not the most f2p friendly but i think I will be fine now that I got my 6 star carry.

Reviewed By Brian Lindsay:

In many ways a Pokemon knock-off, but has a much more advanced strategy system. I didn’t think I’d spend much time with this game, but I have and it’s fun. Update: In the early stages of the game, you collect various creatures to form your fighting team, which I liked. Later on, instead, you mostly collect scantily clad girls to form your fighting team, which seems kind of juvenile. Update 2: an accumulation of bugs effects my enjoyment of this game, including popup ads that crash the application.

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