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He plans to use the crown to claim the throne for himself after killing the King. The Kingdom appears doomed to fall into his evil clutches thanks to his alliance with the dark arts. Luckily, there is still hope.

As a prisoner in the Bastille, you are on death row. The Cardinal is only concerned with your future because your past is unknown to him. Your Iron Mask hides you from the world.

There are three essential elements to growing strong: escaping, surviving, and surviving. There is no way you can do this alone. Develop your army and formulate your strategy. This is the final battle for the Kingdom, so prepare your guns and swords!

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The classic strategy game Guns of Glory Mod APK brings the next era of MMO war to you! As a member of GoG’s multiplayer, you will have access to your own powerful army and will team up with friends worldwide. Develop your strategy, polish your guns and prepare to go to war. Destroy your enemies’ castles.

As the first pistols and more deadly weapons were invented during the Enlightenment era, this RPG kingdom game is set during that period. Play as a legend and take the decisive shot on the battlefield.

Upgrade your soldiers to help them accomplish their missions. Make your cavalry faster by getting gold and upgrading the stables. Time is of the essence!

Completing each mission requires teamwork and time management. Ensure your estate is strong and that your Zeppelin is optimized. The game requires you to build an army and dominate the battlefield in a real-time battle.

This is your last chance to defend the castle. Arm yourself and fight to the death. Building a safe camp with different buildings will allow soldiers to train better and ward off enemies. First and foremost is the castle. Keep the castle strong!

Features of Guns of Glory Mod APK:

Strategy Warfare! Keep the throne and the kingdom safe. Protect your castle with guns. Play this classic kingdom game to build an empire, raise a army of Musketeers, and manage your resources!

Powerful Airships! Shoot down enemies with advanced aircraft and lead the attack in the era of Enlightenment progress. Utilize guns and muskets to defend the castle!

World War! Playing multiplayer RTS and RPG on GoG is now even more immersive with seamless chat translation. Develop a powerful army and expand your empire. Protect your castle with your wits and guns.

MMO World! The Three Musketeers come to life in Guns of Glory Mod APK! This free strategy MMORPG features brilliant HD graphics that vividly depict the swashbuckling action!

Advanced RTS Combat! Attack enemies and aid your allies with your own strategy! A main feature of Guns of Glory’s MMORPG gameplay is that you can customize your aircraft, estate, troops, buildings, equipment, and tactics. Build your own MMO strategy to win in GoG with your own army! Take control of the kingdom right now! Activate your cannons and guns and defend the castle!

Empire Building! Build an empire based on fortification. Arm yourself with deadly weapons and master a wide range of skills to survive in this MMO strategy war!

How to install Guns of Glory Mod APK?

  • Uninstall the old version
  • Allow unknown resources
  • Download the latest version from the above download button

Player Reviews About Guns of Golry:

Reviewed By Rich Waltz:

I am dropping my rating for several reasons. I love the game, but it has lost its way. Your game is, or was, a war game. It has been bent to where fighting is either to costly or to unfair to even fight. It is impossible to advance if you fight at all. If you spend an insane amount of money,, you MIGHT get to play in a couple events. If your not a c41 or above, Its farming for you. And enough with updates! I have had to buy 3 different phones to accommodate your damn constant updates.

Reviewed By Jhon Doee:

Fun game but as your able to buy all your needs in this game. Its not for real gamers. I have been playing non stop for over a year and a half run the largest kingdom in the kingdom and have. The big CC spenders bully everyonr and the developers dont care about anything but money… One of my members had castle hacked. With stellar proof. But since big spenders did it nothing happend. So zero help from support just helpful wishes. No match ups just computer match ups …super unfair.

Reviewed By drone yyy:

It’s a fun game to start playing its a typical freemium game. But real fun in a new kingdom with new players. After playing this for almost 4 years…you better have HUGE pockets !!! Ther are people here spending more $$$ than my house is worth. They have closed my kingdom to new players, more n more players are quitting due to the spenders just annihilating everyone its 0 fun anymore, n they don’t give a shyt to what anyone thinks. Play for a year dont spend any $ then start over or quit.

Reviewed By Mike Shirk:

Game started off decent but the developers got too greedy. Everything is about money now and you can only get airship and guard weapons and curiosity that are obsolete by doing tasks. If you want competitive equipment you have to buy it for exorbitant prices. Developers are more worried about selling new equipment than fixing game glitches and freezups. They should at least upgrade the rewards for tasks to make it that you can have competitive gear without spending thousands.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

What’s New:
– The level cap of resource plots will be increased to level 8
– New Guard: Jean Paul Lacombe coming soon!

– Remove the Intelligence disappearing countdown of the Estate Affairs.
– In just one tap, you can claim all your available chests in the Alliance Gift Chests.
– Add Claim All and Auto Deploy functions to the Guard Treasure Hunt.
– Add Auto Research and Auto Assemble functions to the Academy


There are some items in Guns of Glory that can also be purchased for real money, but the game is free to download and play. Alternatively, you can disable password protection in your Google Play Store app if you do not want to use this feature. It is also necessary to connect to the internet. Is your strategy up to par?

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