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There is nothing strange about Harry Potter when its name is used as an inspiration for life’s many areas of endeavor. Jam City published Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk in keep with the trend. Despite the fact that the Game of Thrones series is based on the game, it depicts the original story quite accurately. 

It revolves around the story of a new student at Hogwarts who is searching for his missing brother and his journey to find him. Here is a detailed overview of the game that will help you understand it better.

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Features of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk:


Considering that the publisher of Jame City brings products to ensure the tastes and trends of the players, we always know they are investing in all aspects. With such intense 3D graphics incorporated in all character images, players will feel engrossed in this game.

Due to this, participants will experience the journey of incarnation as Harry Potter without having to enter Hogwarts. 

There are high-quality images and pleasing sound effects in this game, which are the attraction for players. Colors in the game are really eye-catching, even when it comes to costumes, magic tools, or small details. Ensure it is creative and relevant to the publisher’s view of the player.

Harry potter hogwarts mystery mod apk unlimited everything ios
Harry potter hogwarts mystery Application


Design-wise, the game is oriented toward the classic 1980s, allowing players to feel like they are back in the old days while playing. As opposed to previous games that have always focused on Harry Potter boy’s adventures, the publisher provides a new perspective in this title. 

The story retains its integrity even though it’s new. By playing this game, the player transforms into a new student, overcoming challenging challenges to find his brother and investigate the cause of his brother’s disappearance. Since the game is relatively new, it offers the player a lot of excitement.

Throughout the journey, familiar characters like Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, and Ron Weasley will be present. Within the game, the players will embark on the journey to become a witch, which is a fun and mysterious journey.

As well as experiencing a wide range of settings, players are also required to complete many challenging and equally engaging missions.


The four magic houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw that players must choose from to begin their journey as a witch. There will be different challenges in each house as well as different characteristics that will attract players.

Every mission will bring a different feeling to players. Discover the most powerful spells on your own accord by choosing to learn and stick.

It is great that players are free to choose to play as a witch if they wish, not other characters. It is commendable of the publisher to make this point. Players will explore different maps to learn magic of all kinds and fight against their enemies to achieve victory.

Master powerful spell with unlimited everything android
Master powerful spell


You will explore unknown mysteries around the school by choosing secret rooms. Furthermore, the player must also complete challenging tasks to unlock the character’s new ability. Along with the magic classes, the player will also be taking lessons with Professor Dumbledore and Snape.

Harry Potter presents a number of thrilling and diverse missions. In order to complete the task, players click on the objects and comply with the suggested actions on the screen.

Likewise, in order to succeed in the mission, it is imperative that players interact with their friends to build relationships in order to work together. If they match well and perfectly, they will win a gold medal. 

Similarly, there can also be an opportunity for the player to meet his enemies, since such a situation will occur in the game as well. It will also occur if you meet a friend or foe. Following the game, more developments. Therefore, no two players will have the same experience.

Among the many lessons the game will provide for players are: Preventing the dark arts, poisoning, joining a dueling club, and performing magic in the classroom. One of the defining characteristics of the game that makes it attractive to the three magic enthusiasts is the above.

We strongly encourage everyone to download the game from play store in order to experience directly the great things that it brings.

Make a selection from the Hogwarts houses:

Making the right choice of house is crucial in this game. There is a mystery in each house, and so you need sharpening skills to solve each mystery.

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