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Using the HBO Max MOD APK version, you can get access to all the movie world has to offer. Discover over a hundred thousand movie matinees, blockbuster movies, superhero movies, and exclusive films from Warner Bros.

Features of HBO Max:

Stream movies on Android with this app:

In the world today, films are among the most popular entertainment media. For viewers to explore and enjoy, the show has a variety of different genres, such as action, horror, affection, and more. There are a countless number of new movies being released around the world, and there are many platforms where they are discussed regularly. 

HBO Max is a famous television platform available on many different devices, including mobile platforms. HBO Max is flexible, easy to use, and accessible anytime. As it was originally a television channel for TV, it became a mini-TV that users could take anywhere, whether connected to the internet or not, when the mobile platform arrived.

Movies are gradually becoming one of the most important forms of entertainment for everyone due to their history of development spanning more than 100 years. The holidays and weekends are popular times when many people watch good and meaningful movies together. There are consistently quality films released every year, covering many genres, including action, horror, adventure, comedy, love, and more.

With the increasing demands on our time, people do not have the time to watch all their favorite movies in a theater. The purpose of online movie streaming was so that users could enjoy movies anywhere with their smartphones that have internet access.

Considering that Netflix and Hotstar have developed premium subscription services that compete with HBO’s 724-hour movie channels in every country, HBO Max was developed to provide online movies with a pay-for-use model. For a monthly fee (about $10), users can access any HBO movie, TV series, movie, or TV show copyrighted by HBO. In addition to HBO films, it includes the superhero movies made by Warner Bros.

HBO Max is easy to use. The interface is very simple. A beautiful left-side panel displays the movie categories. By searching by the movie title, actor name, or director’s name, you can easily find your favorite movie. If you can’t decide what to watch for the weekend, try the category Discover, which has a lot of useful suggestions based on your past watching habits.


Despite HBO Max’s delicate design, its controls can be easily learned and used by most users in a short time. It offers users a wide range of applications and attractive features organized to improve efficiency and enhance user experience. 

With the intelligent operating interface, users will be able to find out all the information they need about a movie or series, and in no time they’ll be able to master the application. As well, you can configure the settings of the user interface based on your preferences. The interface will automatically adjust depending on where you are in your profile.


There are more than a thousand hours of viewing available on HBO Max, so users can choose whatever movies they like. Customers may stream, live, or download any series they choose. 

You can expect an uninterrupted viewing experience with the application because no external factors will interrupt data transmissions. Unlike free movie sites, which do not feel great and have terrible video quality, the app makes the movie experience better. It differs from “HBO Max,” however, because the device’s highest quality is supported, as well as subtitles available in multiple languages. 

One of the best things about using this app is that it gives the user access to all the features that HBO, Sesame Workshop, DC, and Warner Bros provide.

Customize five profile fields:

Originally, HBO Max served as a home office where users could watch their favorite TV series with their loved ones. There are a variety of platforms on which users can sync their accounts, including mobile and TV. The synchronization feature will give users access to five personalized profiles. 

There are many settings in each profile, such as favorites, bookmarks, history, and interfaces. It is possible to password-protect these accounts, protecting everyone’s privacy. Users can set up their phones to synchronize with televisions, laptops, and other devices. As well as connectivity features, users can enjoy a better viewing experience than on a phone.


Through Discover, users can explore a variety of popular, accessible, and famous movies. Watchers rate these films, rather than artificial intelligence suggesting them. AI will still recommend content to users, and that will be based on their activity and the movies they have watched recently. 

It differs from Discover in that users can read other users’ comments and rate their own as well. By adding that feature, the user will be able to add new television series they haven’t seen before to their library.

View all of WarnerMedia’s content:

When you subscribe to HBO Max, you can watch more than 10,000 hours of shows including screened movies, current programming, and future programming (if you continue to renew). Watch every television series and movie on VaynerMedia, which are copy-righted by HBO.

In addition to Cartoon Network movies, Adult Swim movies, CNN movies, TNT movies, TBS movies, Crunchyroll movies, Looney Tunes movies, HBO Max movies, has a history of nearly 100 years. Aside from popular television shows like South Park, Rick and Morty, Raised by Wolves, The Witches, Lovecraft Country and An American Pickle, of course! 

HBO Max is a must-have for what you love about Doctor Who, including The Big Bang Theory, Westworld, Gossip Girl, and so on. Upon purchasing the copyrights for this film, HBO Max will exclusively screen 11 old seasons with new seasons in the future.

Get the latest superhero movies from Warner Bros:

The very same day that countries were being infected with Covid-19 virus, HBO announced that they would stream all films as quickly as they are released in theaters. This is great, because it means we will be able to watch Wonder Woman 1984 at Christmas. What a surprise! The HBO Max platform will continue to offer desirable films such as The Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad 2, and many others.

It is much cheaper to watch movies with your girlfriend at home instead of paying a few tens of dollars for two movie tickets. Be sure to purchase soda and popcorn as well. As well as my couch at home being more comfortable than the one at the cinema. In case your area lacks a cinema, you will not have to move and no one will disturb you. In quarantine, HBO Max offers plenty of options to watch movies.

HBO Max helps customize the user experience:

Up to five profiles can be created on HBO Max, which creates suggestions and collections based on how each individual views content. Using this feature makes it easy to share movie accounts with members of your family. There is a separate name for each profile, along with its own interface. The HBO Max smart filter will take care of removing all inappropriate content with children’s profiles.

In comparison to other online movie streaming platforms, HBO Max offers movies that are suggested by real people, rather than artificial intelligence. Aside from customer service experience, they are also passionate about movies and have a lot of knowledge, so they will be able to give you great recommendations.

Enjoy your favorite anytime, anywhere:

Users of HBO Max have the option of downloading HBO shows in batches or one at a time, both will be processed underground, allowing users to do other things while the shows are being downloaded. A unique feature of the app is that users can limit the download speed, so that watching movies or doing other online tasks isn’t affected. 

The default quality of TV series and movies that users have downloaded cannot be changed, but they can watch them without Internet access whenever they want and wherever they want. There is no difference between watching online and offline, so users can still be assured of a quality film watching experience.

The HBO Max app is a great choice if you want to keep your friends and family entertained with movies. With this completely free app you can also sync across multiple platforms and create five separate profiles so you can enjoy watching movies in the best way possible.

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MOD features

  • Watch all HBO movies for free in the highest quality up to 4K, completely free.
  • Free subscription, access to all exclusive content
  • Unlock all regions, device
  • No Ads

What’s New in the Latest Version?

We’re constantly refining our app to make your streaming experience even better. This release comes with tons of bug fixes and performance improvements so you can keep watching all your favorites.

Why should you use the MOD version?

Watching movies on this app is 100% free, you won’t even have to watch ads or spend a dime.

Frequently asked questions

How to use this app?

Choose settings -> choose default player -> select TPlayer. A failure to perform this step may prevent the app from loading movies.

What is the procedure for changing subtitle languages?

This app plays videos with subtitles in English by default. Select settings -> Choose primary language -> choose your language to change subtitle language from the menu.

How to change the subtitle color and size?

You can change the subtitle color by going to Menu -> Settings -> Change Subtitle Color.

You can tweak the size of the subtitles by selecting Menu -> Settings -> Change subtitle size from the menu.

Is this app safe?

Yes, you can use this app without any hesitation.

Is this app available on iOS?

Although the original version is available on iOS, the modified version can only be downloaded from Android devices.

App Screenshots:

Download HBO Max MOD APK for Android to watch free movies every day

You can watch HBO Max movies on many other platforms besides Android, so you can watch them anywhere, anytime. It will make your family’s Saturday night more enjoyable when you watch meaningful movies together. 

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