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Game NameInfinite Flight
PublisherInfinite Flight LLC
Latest Version21.05
Mod FeaturesAll Planes Unlocked
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Infinite Flight Simulator offers a large and beautiful world where the player can experience a pilot’s job and perform different tasks for maintaining flight stability.

The game features a multitude of interesting yet challenging elements that players can master, regardless of their skill level. While you travel across the globe, you can also view high-class aircraft and experience routes around the world from the comfort of your home.

Get a hands-on look at the work and life of a pilot. Pilots can explore familiar landscapes from a completely new perspective, and take their vision to new heights. Download the latest version of the game and enjoy to playing it. You’ll get all planes unlocked.

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Features of Infinite Flight Simulator:

Discover A Beautiful 3D World:

Throughout Infinite Flight Mod APK Pro, you’ll encounter unusual environments that any player must see. It will be thrilling moving to the exact location you wish on the map. The game brings an expansive environment, and it may take some time to get where you desire. You can change your perspective, for instance, during that time.

Initially, you will control the plane from a third-person perspective and it will launch from different positions. Throughout your flight, it allows you to modify the view to suit your preferences and see what’s happening. The pilot can see everything inside the cockpit and can look out through his eyes. Players can gain a variety of experiences with this change.

infinite flight Simulator
Infinite Flight Simulator

Differentiation in The Environment:

The game offers an array of environments for players to explore. You can find each country with its own domain. This allows you to customize your experience in the game when you make flights in your selected setting. Additionally, the game functions will enable you to fly to certain locations accurately using a specific map.

There is a sense of realism in the game’s environment, since you can see takeoffs and landings of an aircraft, all of which are done precisely. Then, you can also look at a map and understand your flight routes. You can see an enormous sky while playing as the environment changes according to your flight. The game screen of this game will keep your attention completely.

Perfectly Suitable for Flights:

Infinite Flight Pro Version Simulator was created by one of the leading developers in the world, Nintendo. When players play the game for the first time they will undoubtedly feel completely overwhelmed due to the variety of functions they will have to learn. The energy bar at the left stabilizes fuel consumption, for example. In some cases, you must change it to allow safe flight or descent. In the meantime, you are in charge of many factors.

It is not hard to see the speed, altitude, and other parameters; they are all on the screen. Depending on the aircraft’s current state, you will obviously require changes to it’s stats. This is not a continuous process, and the player may decide to alter the aircraft to discover and mitigate specific influences. As an additional feature, this game supports auto-flying.

It is possible to adjust some factors to ensure a steady take-off procedure, as described above. As such, during flight, you can enable automatic flight status by pressing the AP button in order to help the aircraft maintain stability. There are several other elements that you can discover in this state. You will still need to adjust speed as well as lower the plane’s energy when you arrive. Finally, you will need to wait for the plane to stop completely after you open the wheels.

Fly Different Types of Planes:

Infinite Flight’s main gameplay remains mostly unchanged, but you’ll find many exciting environments that urge you to explore the world. When operating in automatic mode or normal mode, you must also ensure to mark the routes that you will take to stabilize the flight process. Taking off is next, and staying steady until landing is the next step. Depending on the type of aircraft, there might be a few factors that you will discover interesting.

A theme of aviation is the soul of this game, with all kinds of designs of planes that anyone would enjoy driving. Additionally, some aircraft will also be required to meet certain conditions in order to fly, similar to the environment. Aside from the people transporting aircraft and fighter planes, you can interact with many different types of aircraft. Therefore, your flight experience will be different for each type of aircraft.

Pro Version All Planes Unlocked
Pro Version All Planes Unlocked

Amazing Graphics:

This is the most exceptional feature of the game. Gameplay is extremely realistic in infinite flight. Its lively atmosphere will surprise you. It’s as if you’re watching a movie about a real plane ride. The planes, the sky, the scenery, the runway… are so real.

These images also feature realistic weather and breathtaking scenery, with diverse landscapes and varied levels of elevation. The controls of your aircraft allow you to navigate through many different areas with various scenery. Mountain ranges dominate the landscape, desserts are amazing, and oceans are huge… As well as that, the weather contributes greatly to the experience. Below, the publisher incorporated actual satellite images into the scene.


Every new experience is challenging and most difficult. It is the same with infinite flight. Airplanes are expressions of human wisdom. This makes them difficult to control. Pilot training is extremely intensive and only a select few individuals are capable. Getting used to aircraft engines and control systems will allow you to control an aircraft well and safely. In the beginning, you will be given an aircraft to test drive so you can become familiar with the starting system, cruise control, and landing procedure. A flight mode and an automatic landing feature are also part of the game, which allows you to control all your flights.

Infinite Flight Mod APK Latest Version
Infinite Flight Mod APK Latest Version

It is generally difficult to control a system. The first time you come into contact with the cockpit of an aircraft is likely to be here if you are not a pilot. The ability to fly large planes and master vast areas of sky will thrill you if you have learned it. Landing will be very unpleasant for you!

Unlock New Flights:

The control system of Infinite Flight gives you excellent opportunities to become a great pilot. Aside from being able to drive common civil aircraft, the game offers access to more aircraft. Many different planes are available such as the CRJ200, the CRJ700, the 208 Caravan, the SR22, and the MD-11F… you can choose from military aircraft and cargo planes as well. It is possible to drive new planes in order to experience new things. A good pilot, however, must possess many skills.

Furthermore, intelligence and talent are required for becoming an excellent pilot. It is inevitable that an incident will occur during the flight. The cause may be an engine problem or the weather. The best thing to do when encountering such problems is to remain calm and call for air traffic control as soon as possible. It’s easy to prepare for an emergency landing at more than 20,000 airports. It is your decision whether or not hundreds of people will be safe on the plane, so stay calm in any case.

Explore the wonders:

Seeing the world with a view from above allows you to experience a new sense of wonder. Many people have never set foot on these mountain ranges, like those covered in snow or desert. A sunset with a mountain peak sunk in the background is enough to give you a feeling of euphoria. You will also experience many surprises when you fly in real time. With just one flight, you can see the sunrise, the sunset, and the starry moon. Even the most discerning player will be blown away by the scenery on the journey.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By anti- copy n paste:

It’s a nice game, the realistic planes and 3D airports and scenery just wish that Air Traffic Control And Online flying was free… its a bit boring flying solo, and if they added these features: Add TUI, Virgin Altlantic, PIA. And the monthly subscription for Pro is really expensive which is normal, if other players are wondering. Its still a good game altogether though I’m impressed! 😀

Reviewed By 2B – Asfan Idraki:

All the scenery was unbelievable! Exciting game experience, some of airports is detailed 3D view… But, I still can’t afford to buy the pro one because its really expensive. Hence, limitation of planes makes me bored because I can’t try my fav airplane that is A330. The limitation of the map also is the problem. You can only explore the whole world when you purchase the pro… The map, it was like a box, when you’re getting out, the plane quickly stall and crash… Overall it was a nice game 🙂

Reviewed By Rahil Ali:

I can’t find out which way is the airport (Destination) Please update the game. You can do like put a trail to the airport. Otherwise the game is grea!! Please fix and I will give you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reviewed By Farul M:

The game is 100 percent good. but, please make the game a little lighter. so that low-spec hp can play it. I’m sure it will be more profitable because there are many players. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

In this update, we’ve added more 3D airports from around the world for you to explore!

• Added 12 airports with 3D objects around the world. Visit for the full list
• Spanish and French menu translations

• Minor UI changes to begin an ongoing series of improvements

• Error message appearing after ending long flights on multiplayer
• Cessna 172 clock formatting
• 20s Ago button crash

Visit for full details

Explore the World
Explore the World
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