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NameLegacy of Discord – FuriousWings
Latest Version7.0.0
Mod FeaturesFull unlocked
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Among the many intense games that you can play, Legacy Of Discord Mod APK is one of the best ones. A vast fantasy world will await you as you slash, hack, and blast your way through.

Besides partying with your friends and tackling treacherous dungeons, you will also have the option to fight with your enemies in large-scale PvP battlegrounds.

As you level up, you can become an unstoppable God of War. As an ancient god named Pantheons of Aurora, you can also take part in the game. Assuming the role of one of the ancient Greek gods gives it an entirely new dimension of gameplay.

It is possible to collect different gods in this game and learn about their stories as you progress. You will also gain power from different gods in the game.

A Guild Clash mode is also available, which will feature four guilds, each bringing 20 players to battle against one another.

Most items and features of the game are only accessible to premium users. You can now take advantage of all the premium features of the Legacy Of Discord Mod Apk for free and access premium resources and add-ons quickly.

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Mod menu of Legacy of Discord
Mod menu of Legacy of Discord

Features of Legacy of Discord Mod APK?

What are some of the top features that the Legacy of Discord Mod Apk packs? There are quite a few features in the game. In order to give you a better understanding, I have outlined all the benefits and top features of the game.

Amazing Graphics

A stunning 3D graphics engine makes Legacy Of Discord Mod Apk a very entertaining game. It has well-designed characters and scenes, as well as fluid animations. It is a beautiful game from beginning to end.

Addicting Gameplay

Its addictive gameplay is one of its best features. You will enjoy the game’s campaign modes. Additionally, you must fight real-time battles and P2V battles.

Online Co-Op and PvP

You can also enjoy the game’s multiplayer features. Players will engage in epic battles against each other in this game. As well as fighting against the big bosses with your friends, you can have fun with them. As well as joining Guilds, you can fight against other guild members.

Legacy of Discord
Legacy of Discord

Tons of Customization Options

Many customization options are available in the game. The items and equipment you use to customize your character can make it combat-ready. Your character is also customizable based on your fighting strategy.

The game also allows you to unlock legendary items as you play. By using these items, you can enhance your character’s power. Furthermore, the Legacy Of Discord Mod Apk includes a number of premium items and equipment that are free to use.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are highly optimized for the game. It provides an excellent user experience. A user-friendly interface allows for easy use and control of the game. Thus, no matter what screen size device you use, you can easily control your game. It has a lot of unique features and all of them are available to you.

Play a challenging real-time combat game where you hack, slash, and blast your way through vast fantasy worlds! Play with friends in treacherous Dungeons, so you can raid them together, or meet up with them in the Arena and PvP Battlegrounds. Become an unstoppable God of War as you upgrade from a fledgling warrior!

Legacy of Discord Mod APK
Legacy of Discord Mod APK

Play the Role of an Ancient God – Pantheons of Aurora

Play as an ancient Greek god to experience a new dimension of gameplay. Learn about the gods by collecting them. Increase your combat power as you gain more gods.

Four guilds are invited to participate in the Guild Clash. Each guild brings 20 people. The clash of two such titans will undoubtedly spark beautiful chaos that will resonate throughout the universe. Honor through battles, legend through unity.

New Flying Edition featuring Aerial Battles!

I am confident that I can fly! Your battles will take flight with SkyWings! You will face flying bosses and experience new dungeons as you conquer the skies!


  • This game puts you right in the middle of the battle thanks to brilliant 3D graphics and special effects
  • A fast-paced and furious combat experience thanks to highly detailed characters and fluid animations
Legacy of Discord Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Free Shopping
Legacy of Discord Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Free Shopping


  • Combat takes place in real-time in both COOP and PVP
  • Your wits and skills are tested to the maximum in epic boss battles
  • Play Guild Wars and defend your guild’s honor


  • Characters can be customized with dozens of Items and Equipment
  • Experience the thrilling transformation of legendary Wrathwings as they attack with devastating power
  • You can tame Mythical Beasts as pets and use them as allies


  • A game engine designed specifically for mobile devices
  • With optimized Touch controls, unleash devastating skills and chain massive combos

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited All
  • Free shopping
  • Private server
  • Unlimited everything
  • Mod menu hack version
Multiplayer update
Multiplayer update

Player Reviews:

Reviewed By zlEdah:

I played this game on my old phone without an issue. Now that I’ve switched phones, I literally can’t use any of the inventory vouchers. Some textures don’t load, some effects don’t load… It’s confusing… And there’s no “Check for update content” button in the game to actually make the issues go away. Please fix?

Reviewed By Nekca Na’on:

After playing this game for some years I have to say that if you’re not going to pay real money, don’t bother with it. After a while, sooner or later you’ll have to do so if you want to compete even the slightest with others by getting everything related to your equipment at max possible(not even saying about people that have hundreds of billions of eq power and one hit).Standard for a mobile game, lvling up takes a while, but the problem is the glitchy mess this game and updating doesn’t work.

Reviewed By Si Hijau Gagah:

im surprised by all the negative comments and the developer doesn’t take notice at all , game keep freezing when i opened the item inside bag , all the time, and also when the warning for boss skill .. I can’t continue.. just stuck at the notice.. if like this I’m so regret buying things using cash in this game ..devoloper please fix..please

Reviewed By Antal Balogh:

The game is great! Bugs and missing textures can be fixed by downloading expansion datapack (600-700mb) Sometime it’s get very hard and annoying but patience! Leveling up is a bit difficult but you can “get used to it” Also, the game doesn’t forces you to pay. That’s one thing why i like it! Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

【New Function】
【Gameplay】Glory Championships
【Gameplay】Galactic Armory

【Optimization】Some bugs fixed

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