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NameLine 2: Revolution
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Latest VersionV1.29.14
Last UpdatedAugust 2, 2021

A game like Lineage 2m Revolution is an entertaining MMORPG that every MMORPG lover should try once, or else you’ll regret not trying it. There is always a war between light and darkness in the never-ending conflict between justice and injustice. Will you be able to write about the bloody battles that will take place in the dangerous and challenging world of the game?

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Baium is head of the Elmoreden Empire, who rule over a peaceful world. His quest for immortality caused the gods to be angry because of the Spooky Tower he built. In the chaos caused by the collapse of Elmoreden, thousands of new coalition forces rise up against the Edenites.

One of these factions is Beleth, the Dark Lord, which led an aggressive faction. Their belief in the possibility of dominating Eden through chaos and fear helped them form dark forces in the name of Beleth.

The chaos was finally brought to an end when a powerful mage named Hardin sealed Beleth’s power. To combat Beleth’s legions, he forged the Silverlight mercenary association, which brought victory and peace. There were, however, two traitors among the ranks that became fascinated by the power of Beleth and brought about chaos and war once more.

Vardir, one of the most powerful members of Silverlight, has recruited thousands of warriors from all over the world to fight and sacrifice until the very end. Beleth is Black’s. Are you ready to take part in the final battle of the new world as one of the heroes?

Line 2 Revolution Mod APK
Line 2 Revolution Mod APK

How to play Lineage 2 Revolution?

As a participant, you may choose among Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf. There will be 6 types of power ratings, each with 6 strength classes: HP, MP, Atk, Def, Eva and Crit. Then join the final battle between two competing sides of light and shadow by selecting your favorite character, changing their look, and choosing their weapon.

Starting on a small island, you will be at level 1. Each mission will be provided to you after it is completed, and you will receive gold coins as rewards. Usually, the objective is to kill some monsters that pertain to your level, save some people, or come across some materials.

In addition to gaining significant experience by defeating the monster, complete Armor, shoes, weapons, and so on can increase your stats, allowing you to survive in combat for longer. You can unlock powerful skills even after you reach a certain level. It will be easier to navigate if there is a map to the upper right corner.

As well as completing the plot and getting stronger, you can also meet new friends and fight with other players around the globe in real-time. Make your own justice your most powerful and bravest weapon. During your adventure journey, you will discover a large and beautiful world.

Get Unlimited Money
Get Unlimited Money


Beautiful 3D graphics accompany the game. There are a wide variety of armor and weapons among the characters, creating a unique sense of surprise. Battle areas reimagined in real life make the character’s adventures even more exciting. Gameplay is a big part of Lineage 2: Revolution.

Lastly, if you’re a MMORPG fan, download the game and play it right now. This game will surely captivate you with its extremely beautiful and realistic graphics as well as its extremely adventurous content.

What’s New:

  • The Rise of the Kamael:
  • The “Kamael” race arrives on wings of wrath!
  • Feel their unrivaled power!
  • Play as Warrior, Rogue, or Mage!
  • II. “Dual Class” system added:
  • Offline Play mod
  • Get Unlimited Money
  • Additional races and classes are available
  • and play without starting anew!
  • III. Special Update Perks and Rewards:
  • Triple strengthening speed up to Lv. 320!
  • Incredible Level Up Boosting perks along with
  • 3 full sets of Grade UR equipment!
Download Game Offline
Download Game Offline

How to install?

  1. Download the Lineage 2: Revolution Game File
  2. Then Install the Apk Mod File
  3. You can update the app by downloading its new English version

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Tyler Jollay:

I’m upset you can’t leave lower than one star, that reads as 20% which is more than I even got to see of this game. I read the reviews about how often this game crashes, thought “how bad could it be, they’re being dramatic.” Nope. They are spot on. I couldn’t even boot this thing up. Have tried 8 times in 2 days to play and it crashes every time, I wish I could upload the screenshots of it. I’m honestly just glad I didn’t lose any time playing this game and have to be upset at what was lost!

Reviewed By Phoenix:

Can you guys add team follow cause people can’t follow each other in dungeons and we are having issues with that my own party members couldn’t follow me because the dungeon wouldn’t let them we are having difficulty helping others to dungeons also when we make a party in another map people should be able to follow no matter map they are in or how many distance they should be able to follow the person who made the party there shouldn’t be no restrictions for party members when following anywhere.

Reviewed By Lloyd Thompson:

It has been very good up to this moment where there seems to he a problem logging on to the game. Not sure what’s happening but dont want to lose my main character.

Reviewed By Richard K:

Yesterday I broke 5 million cp on my main armor set, I reached 5,025,000 by end of the day. Today I’m at 4,998,000 with no changes to my armor. That’s f’d up. Game won’t start after Android 10 update.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • New Episode & Max Level Expansion (Lv. 560)
  • Legendary Talisman Added
  • New Reputation System
  • New Agathion & Costume Added
  • In-game Events

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