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CategoryStrategy Game
Latest Version1.5.867
Requirements4.1 and up
Total installs50,000,000+
Mod FeaturesUnlimited gold tool
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Across the world, millions of players play Mafia City MOD APK, a massively multiplayer strategy game. Form your own band, hire bandits from other groups, and make a clan with your friends. Buy cars and weapons, chat with the most beautiful women, and take control of everything. 

As the boss, you can do anything you want in Mafia City. Don’t forget, however, that sharks are everywhere, too. You can die from a careless mistake. Keep your gang in mind at all times. Develop your network of connections by expanding your base, hunting outlaws, and trading weapons on the black market. To become the criminal city’s leader, you must be the strongest.

Download the mod version of the game to get unlimited gold tool. The game is also available on android 1, revdl, and rexdl.

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  • Fight to become the Godfather of a strategy game that requires wit and timing!
  • Take over the City and the Mafia World by robbing banks, forming alliances, and fighting together!
  • Enjoy dates with babes who cheer you on daily and crew members who are fiercely loyal!
  • Throughout the year there are daily skirmishes with a real-time interactive Turf War!
  • You can impress both your enemies and friends by collecting Luxury Cars! You’re racing cars on the streets as police try to stop your heist!
Mafia city
Mafia city


  • This game has an HD screen where you can zoom-in to manage your own Mafia Turf thanks to its amazing graphics. You cannot miss this virtual reality experience!
  • You must form alliances with other players and improve yourself continuously to defeat stronger opponents in this Real-Time Strategy game!

 The most powerful Crew Members can be acquired by managing magnificent Technology Trees well. The area is full of guns, armored vehicles, bicyclists, knife makers, and even bare-fist fighters.

  • A weekly update adds different enemies and special buildings to the extensive maps. The more you explore, the closer you get to becoming a godfather!
  • Each week, players are challenged to think on their feet and celebrate every culture!
  • Be the most feared boss by customizing your Crew Leader!


  1. BULKERS: Human weapons capable of defending your others and devouring your foes!
  2. Shotters are gallant gunners who can use long-range weapons of every kind!
  3. The streets these Crew Members zip through are left in a burning conflagration as the bikes zoom by at lightning speeds and ruthless robberies!
  4. MODIFIED VEHICLES: Vehicles that have been altered to terrorize the alleyways and transport stolen goods!


Honest people are intimidated and robbed by vicious motorcyclists. They have no problem dealing with adversaries. They do dangerous jobs with the Night Wolves clan.

Cutthroats. Always searching for pistols in their pockets, these bandits are dangerous. Their fights are always fierce and they don’t know fear. This cutthroat clan is secretly considered to be the most interesting in Mafia City.

Many of the city’s famous killers came from this clan. If other means are not working, turn to quiet and dangerous killers.

City streets are shared by hooligans and bikers. In a matter of minutes, any point on the map can be reached due to powerful engines. Residents don’t like outsiders and roof entire regions.

Create your Gang
Create your Gang


Aside from the traditional mechanics, Mafia City also introduced an additional mechanic associated with beautiful girls called babies. Baby girls will increase your income or your personality. To receive bonuses, you must guess the placement of diamonds several times. As a result, you cannot receive bonus attempts indefinitely. The glasses move too fast, which makes tracking them impossible. Therefore, it is difficult to see improvements in babies.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Ahmed Saud:

I found out the more worst point of this game related to Roadster Club point of limited Edition. They can’t revert roadster point when you purchase the limited edition. And limited edition only work on Specific events. And the roadster club points are very hard to collect. Even if you click by mistake then you will go back to old age. Same like the kick you back to 6 month before. Because you can’t revert back.

Reviewed By Yt Yt:

1 star for this game. If you have money like thousand dollars this will be a great opportunity to defeat other players while if you have no plan to spend then leave it alone. You will not enjoy it. Imagine, training crews for almost 1 month then attack by others with great power who spend thousand of dollar in game. Ridiculous. Not worth it to play for those gamers who is practical, yeah i am poor. Better to play moba games.

Reviewed By Vincent Discenzo:

Very pleasant and fun to play. Though it can be better. Like having a better way to hide the ads and deals up in the right corner. Along with able to invest 2 business instead of 1. Since we can have 2 builders. In addition to the troops to make up your army. It would be great to convert the weaker troops into the next tier troop. Like a ratio for how many to combine to get a better troop. I also hope for the story to continue soon. Really like it. Plus it would be easier to add banks in search.

Reviewed By coRpSE:

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years. For new players, if you don’t have a ton of money, expect very little and your growth will be slow. For a nice skins, just for your mansion will cost the same amount as a real car. This game is catered for those who can spend thousands of dollars on the game and they will shove the promotions in your face consistently. Game play is decent, but they do make it difficult sometimes with events that force you to leave just to breach the Slammer.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

【New Contents】
1. Gold Rush: During the [War Day Contest], you will not be able to use the Truce when going to areas not under your control.

【New Features】
1. Decoration: New Turf Decoration [5th Anniversary – Seraph Citadel].

【Optimization & Adjustments】
1. Vigilante Settings: When selecting a Vigilante for Crime Ops, the [Preset Leading Vigilante(s)] column can be collapsed.

【Fixed Contents】
1. Fixed issue with incorrect Collection attributes in [Ancient War Crest].

How to install Mafia city?

  • Uninstall the official version of Mafia city mod apk
  • Enable all resources
  • Download the mod apk file from the above button
  • Install the apk file on your phone or pc

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