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Mix Whatsapp is the augmented version of Whatsapp. Besides being the best version of the normal Whatsapp, it is a different social media platform that lets users chat and share content with each other.

If you are facing any issue while downloading the apk file, you may inform us by commenting in the below section.

The coolest part of this app is you can customize it for even more functionality than standard Whatsapp offers. You just have to download the latest version of the app on your android and iPhone.

Despite the fact that the number of people using DO Whatsapp & Purple Whatsapp is increasing day by day, whenever they come to know about Whatsapp Mix, they switch their accounts. You can send audio and video messages, photos, files, as well as make audio and video calls, with this version.

In order to get the maximum benefits from the application, make sure you are downloading the current apk version from the official website apk pure. Likewise, just like with almost any other app, you can hide your status, online mode, and the last seen of your contacts.

The new version of Mix Whatsapp is 12.0 and it is developed by Nairo. This application combines several whatsapps. Each of their functions can be found in one app, so you don’t have to download each application separately.

There are two variations of the application. The first comes in 3D mode, while the second is the 2D version. There are some features that are different between the two versions, but both operate similar to each other. We can shorten it to WAMIX as a short name.

Opening the app, you will see that there are many advertisements. Despite the fact that it disturbs users, they can also use other apps like this one. It is not available on Google Play Store. Therefore if you already have the old version( v8.40, v8.45, v8.70, v8.51), you will need to wait for the new version.

mix whatsapp
Mix Whatsapp

Mix Whatsapp Apk File Information:

  • The size of the app is 52 MB.
  • It requires the android 4.1+ version.
  • The name of the developer is Nairo.
  • It is available free of cost on different websites.
  • Generally, Haitians are eager to use this app.
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Features and Advantages of Whatsapp Mix:

Following is a list of the most important features of the app.

Scheduling messages:

A message scheduler will free you from the burden of missing important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and so on. Once you have set up a message scheduler, you will receive a notification at some fixed time. This particular message goes out automatically on time.

Multi-user accounts:

WhatsApp mix Apk gives the user the possibility to have multiple accounts on it. The benefit is that you are able to add more numbers and enjoy more accounts on one WhatsApp account. Using a single app on your phone, it is possible to have three accounts open simultaneously.

Online Mode:

It’s possible to maintain your profile online anytime. Essentially, this feature allows you to remain online regardless of whether your phone screen is locked, or if you are not utilizing WhatsApp.

Activate Hide Conversations:

Using the Mix Whatsapp Apk, users can hide conversation without deleting the messages. Using this amazing app, you can ensure that your conversations are safe and confidential. By applying the lock pattern you can open the chats through it.

A privacy feature like this can be found in no other messaging app comparable. Keeping this information private will let you keep business and official conversation between you and other individuals within the application.

Read Stories and get Statuses:

Using WhatsApp Mix Apk, WhatsApp users can save the statuses of others directly on their phones. No one should insist on having a video or image uploaded as their status. You can save pictures, videos, and all the media on your phone by downloading the story.

Make a custom app icon:

This app comes with another interesting feature, whereby you can change the app icon according to your preferences. It is possible to add desired colors and patterns to the notification bar and to change its appearance. So, you can tamper with the WhatsApp Mix Apk on your phone.

Send a long video

It is possible to share larger than 20 MB video using this app. The original WhatsApp is limited to a size of 20 MB.

Themes that catch the eye:

Different colors and themes can be applied to the interface of Mix Whatsapp. It lets you customize the chat colors and apply different themes allowing you to completely customize your WhatsApp.

Attach more images:

The maximum number of images that one can send in a single exchange on WhatsApp is 30. By using this application, you are free to send 90 images at the same time. Moreover, it saves a lot of your time.

Check who is online:

With this App you can view other users online without revealing yourself. Essentially, you can see who uses WhatsApp without making him aware that you are also online.

Do Not Disturb Mode:

WhatsApp becomes inaccessible when your smartphone is connected to WIFI or mobile data when you choose the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option. It’s very simple. You enable the DND mode in the app and then you can use all the other apps easily.

With DND, you don’t have to worry about a WhatsApp notification, which means you can watch TV shows, cartoons, and movies without being disturbed.


Downloading and Installation Method:

There is no special technical knowledge required for installing this application. We have provided a download link above. Click on the button to download the apk file and follow the following process.

  • Uninstall the original version from your phone
  • Enable unknown resources from phone setting
  • Download the apk file
  • Double click on the apk file to install
  • Allow all permissions
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Wait few seconds until you receive a code from the company
  • Put the code in the required field
  • Enter your name and complete the process
  • Now open the app and it is ready to use

How to update the Apk File:

Do not worry about updating the app. Because of the fact that the current version of the apk file is unavailable on the Play store. Therefore, when the new version is available, you can go to our website and download it, while eradicating the old one.

Pros of the App:

  • Speedy application
  • Numerous unique features
  • A simple and straightforward user interface.
  • Effortless interface
  • Three-dimensional interfaces

Cons of the App:

  • It consumes more room than most other applications
  • Twelfth-party application
  • You sometimes see irritating advertisements.

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