No Limit Drag Racing 2 Hack MOD APK for Android & iOS

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DeveloperBattle Creek Games
CategoryRacing Game
Total installs1,000,000+
Requirements4.4 and up
Latest Version1.4.1
Size44 M
Last updatedFeb 5, 2022

Download the latest version of No Limit Drag Racing 2 Mod Apk, the best Racing Game for Android, iOS, and PC. Make sure you download the latest version 2022 from any trusted website.

There are different hack versions available like you can download version V1.3.1, V1.4.1, and V1.4.0.

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Features of No Limit Drag Racing 2 Mod Apk:

If you can keep your head …

There’s chaos out there on the open road! A pair of homicidal maniacs flees the scene at the sound of their cars tearing up the highway, searching for… YOU!

Can you survive a hail of bullets and an onslaught of racing enemy vehicles while crammed into the back of a truck with just your gun and your special-agent training? You may enjoy Rage Road if you’re able to maintain your composure when everyone is shooting for your head…

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🚘 Shoot from the hip at break-neck speed!

★ Hybrid technology: Unique gameplay that combines racing and shooting elements for maximum action and excitement. Take your enemies down before they have a chance to shoot you or blow you up by using your sharpshooting skills as they storm up behind you.

★ Safety features: Shoot multiple enemies with your rifle and you can cause spectacular collisions that bring down several vehicles at once. Watch out for real speed merchants and kamikaze bombers by hiding behind the tailgate and cutting down the enemies one by one.

★ Intelligent design: There are more than 80 strategic shooter levels requiring you to count your bullets and plan your shots according to the type of vehicle and passengers. You can spend your cash and crystals earned by completing levels on upgrades for your truck, your gun, and your character.

★ Great in-car entertainment: As you crush your enemies, you’ll be entertained and energized with fun graphics and a rocking soundtrack as you switch between 11 different locations rich in color variations.

Endless Customization

★ Reliability issues: On top of all the crazy highway bandits, you’ll need to deal with your glamorous boss’ sardonic remarks among levels, who will not be impressed with your reckless macho driving.

★ Superior equipment levels: Choose from 13 different weapons – from pistols to SMGs to assault rifles – with a total of 45 different skins. Depending on your playing style and the demands of each specific level, you should select the weapon that offers you the best power, reload speed, and magazine size. Shoot ’em if you can’t snipe ’em!

★ Choice of trim: Customize your truck with a wide range of aftermarket add-ons and paint jobs. You can also upgrade and match 4 different elements of your character’s outfit to make yourself into anything from a sober secret agent to a flamboyant green-haired highway warrior.

★ Ultimate performance: Four kinds of hard-to-kill bosses in formidable customized vehicles to challenge your skills as a shooter. Taking incoming fire on armored vehicles is tough, so don’t back down until these monster trucks are reduced to piles of scrap.

No respect for the highway code!

There’s nothing they can do! They’re breaking the rules of the road left, right, and center! Agent, you must hold them accountable! Blow out their tires, wreck their engines, and kill them multiple times, and bring them to justice.

It’ll teach them a lesson! With this high-octane highway adventure, you’ll kill those ne’er-do-wells in style and restore some law and order to Rage Road.

Real Drag Racing 2

How to Download and install No Limit Drag Racing 2?

  • Download the latest premium mod version from the above download button
  • Uninstall the old version
  • Make sure you enabled unknown resources
  • Install the apk file
  • It will take some time to install
  • Once installed, open the app and enjoy.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

– New DivisionX class (similar to Pro Mods)
– 5 new street-class cars
– Bunch of fixes and performance enhancements

– Fixes for a couple missing cars
– Several fixes for labels on cars
– Fix for exhaust fire location

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