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RC Whatsapp apk is more popular in Indonesia and India than regular Whatsapp.  It’s the best customized WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can use this application on your Android handset as well as on iOS devices. In the later part of the article, we will explain the method to download the new version of the apk file.

What is RC Whatsapp?

RC Whatsapp is an unofficial version of official Whatsapp. Though there is no official website for it, it is still available on gbhouse or apkpure.

WhatsApp is the preferred method of communication for many people because of its features and friendly interface. Richar Correa decided to build RCWhatsapp to meet the needs of many users. This app is similar in many ways to WhatsApp Prime & YoWhatsApp for iPhone. /If you like, get these apks also.

The app concerns me since I have heard about so many free alternatives out there already. I found some unique options and features that make it completely different than any other WhatsApp mod. People mostly choose this app because of its ability to emulate what’s in the iOS version of WhatsApp on their Android devices. 

The different platforms that WhatsApp offers different user interfaces. These include iOS, Android, and Windows. iOS WhatsApp has a purely white background with Blue accents while Android WhatsApp is a combination of Dark Green and White. 

In addition, the Options bar to change between the status tab, the calls tab, and the camera tab is positioned at the bottom in iOS. You can also adjust the setting as per your requirements.

Apk File Information:

App NameRC Whatsapp
Size50 MB
DeveloperRichar Correa
Latest versionv7.91
Tending countryIndia / Indonessia
Last updatedToday
RC Whatsapp
RC Whatsapp

Advantages of using RC Whatsapp:

  • A special feature called Anti-delete messaging prevents the other user from deleting messages.
  • There’s so much you can customize, including the background, navigation bar, drawer, and more.
  • Only its users can see the 5-minute long videos you have uploaded. In addition, you can set the online status.
  • The app is now available in new languages.
  • Using this app, you can send a message to any number, even if it is not in your contacts list.
  • There is a way to restrict who you can communicate with. You can exclude certain contacts and numbers through your communication settings.
  • This server enables you to download a wide range of fonts, so you’re able to customize your conversations.
  • By enabling a password, you can lock the media gallery, allowing you greater control.
  • Its anti-ban feature keeps you safe from being banned.
  • There are numerous ways to communicate securely with friends, and the app is constantly updated with the latest features and fixes for bugs. You can also hide content, including blue ticks, double ticks, and much more.
  • It lets you make your status invisible to others.
  • Receivers can receive high quality images
  • The developers are constantly updating the app. That’s why you can explore the app regularly for new features.
  • A personal view status enhances security and privacy.
  • A full backup of all data is allowed.
  • The last seen feature on this app is private, and blue ticks, double ticks, and single ticks are all limited.
  • Having an image at the background allows you to customize the layout.
  • Dark UIs are possible.
  • iOS themes are also available
  • RC Whatsapp protects your data from losing and hides media from the gallery. 
  • Changing the built-in video player is also an option.
  • A feature called Anti-Ban is present. It lets you use the original WhatsApp at no risk of being restricted.
  • Various customization options are available to you. The navigation bar, status bar, and drawer can all be revised.
  • It’s possible to set your status online permanently.
  • A five minute time limit is now added to the status limit.
  • You can now upload videos of larger sizes.
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Steps to Download and Install:

This guide demonstrates how to download RC Whatsapp for Android devices.

  1. Take a backup if you use official Whatsapp.
  2. The second step is to proceed to download the APK file from a third-party website. It is not on Google Play.
  3. To install it, you must find it in the “Download manager.”
  4. Installing the app requires clicking the “Install” button.
  5. Upon installation, the app scans your phone.
  6. Tap the “Open” button to start the app.
  7. Accepting the terms and conditions is required.
  8. So, you need to click “Agree” on the box.
  9. Next, enter your full name and phone number.
  10. Using the app is now possible.

Ending: This app includes themes that are supported, and many new features are available that don’t appear in standard version. So, if you are a fan of the original version, then it’s a must-try for every Whatsapp enthusiast.

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