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Download the latest version of Redcon Premium mod apk with unlimited health+skin+Nukes.

As your fortress functions, you balance ammo, power and manpower in order to keep your fortress in a state of alert. Dispatch your crew to fight fires, repair equipment, and put out intruders!

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Features of Redcon Premium Mod APK:

  • ★ FTL with guns
  • ★ Play the beginning for free
  • ★ Create your own battle fortress and customize it to your liking
  • ★ To instantly issue multiple orders, use Active Pause
  • ★ From individual soldiers to superguns, command a vast arsenal of weapons
  • ★ Attrition, annihilation, or infiltrate your targets

As humanity learns only war and bombardment in the dystopian steampunk future after the First World War, the next one will be even worse.

As a Strike Commander, you have been given a mission by the Fuhrer of the Empire State: lead an artillery campaign against Traitor General Kranz. Perhaps, you will make history.

Customize and manage your battle fortress. 

Place your fortress’ facilities in different slots as you grow and upgrade your arsenal of weapons and weaponry.

You are in command. 

Command your soldiers and target your guns. Activating Active Pause freezes time so that you can issue multiple orders at once. Defend against fires, repair damaged weapons and launch coordinated attacks.

Get rewards for victory. 

During the conquest of Krux, you’ll gain new fortress layouts, and gain medals and perks for your battles.


There are only 18 missions in the free game. To play the premium version, you must upgrade. You cannot repeat microtransactions in the free version!


It is always possible to win! See how to build a fortress and use your deadly arsenal to your advantage.

How to install Redcon?

  • Uninstall the official version
  • Download the latest mod version of Redcon from the above button
  • Go to setting
  • Allow unknown resources

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited skin
  • Unlimited Nukes
  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlimited All
  • Latest Mod Menu version

Player Reviews About the Game:

Reviewed By Purple Fox:

Pretty good game. I like that it doesn’t plaster you with ads. It’s quite challenging. The last level of the free demo is very difficult, but I managed to defeat it by holding all weapons in standby and waiting for the perfect time to kill the troops inside the base. From then on it was easy cause they couldn’t repair anything. Kinda hard to fix stuff when you’re dead. Anyways, fun game. I’d recommend the $6 full game + bonuses just cause it supports the devs… And the big guns.

Reviewed By Phresh TooLive:

Love this tactical tower defense game. I must have replayed it over 30 times no exaggeration. The game play is tight. I love the different weapons & defenses to choose from. The story is engaging, it really has no business being as good as it is. Minor nitpick, I wish there was a button to have cannons fire in concert with similar cannon types. I hate always pausing to adjust the timing on rebuilt cannons. I need a sequel Hexage.

Reviewed By Veltic:

I’m not sure why people are rating this as one star. Sure it gets hard middle game when you don’t have the packages that give you more cannons and such. But there’s one simple fix for this that. GIT GUD SCRUB. Beat this game easily on the first try without getting the packages, you just have to be smart and strategic, and if you can’t, maybe these sorts of games aren’t for you. Go play Minecraft or something.

Reviewed By Roger Pena:

Awesome, Awesome game!! I did not mind paying for the total package of the game. The game is not expensive. The game is difficult, but you can learn by playing to overcome the difficulties. I have completed this game many times and keep coming back to it to play. The only downside to me is that there is no sequel or other missions to be added onto the game. Great unique game over all. Reviews Source

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