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The Rise of Kingdoms pro v1.0.47.20 mod apk includes (Unlimited Money, Gems, Diamonds, Resources). This is the first game ever to integrate classic genre elements with fresh approaches to resolve puzzles and challenges.

The original game allows the user to lead one of eight civilizations and increase her prosperity. During this process, you must construct various objects in order to fight other kings. Alternatively, the unions may be formally concluded. In other words, from obscurity to legend. Your civilization’s history is in your hands.

There are many possibilities for you to write about your civilization’s historical past, from the obscurities to legends. Is it your goal to conquer the entire world by launching epic wars? Do you stand for virtue and fame with your sagacity, or become a virtuous leader? Do you want to be a pioneer and explore the unknown? Are you going to serve your family or your friends?

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Download rise of kingdoms mod apk
Download rise of kingdoms mod apk

Features of Rise Of Kingdoms:

Battles in real time:

The map displays battles in real time, as they do not occur beforehand. The game allows anyone to join or leave at any time, which is true RTS gameplay. Is someone in your yard attacking an ally properly? Consider sending some troops to help your friend out or launching a surprise attack against their city.

Flowing world map:

Players and NPCs are all located on a single map inhabited by all in-game motion. Separate screens or remote bases are not allowed. You can easily switch between a world view and any of the cities or barbarian outposts with the “infinite zoom” function, which has never been seen on cell before. In addition to pure obstacles like rivers and mountains, there are strategic passes to capture in order to gain access to neighboring areas.

A List of Eleven Distinct Civilizations:

From a lone clan to excellent energy, you can transform your civilization from one of 11 historic civilizations (more to come!). Civilizations all have their own distinct structures, models, and advantages.

Get ready for the vikings
Get ready for the vikings

Investigation & Exploration:

There is a thick fog covering the world of Rising of Kingdoms. Dispatch scouts to uncover the secrets hidden within this mysterious land. Collect intelligence on your enemies and prepare yourself for the final confrontation! Explore mysterious caves, mysterious temples, barbarian fortresses, and tribal villages!

A troop’s unrestricted actions:

At any time, troops may be assigned new orders, creating limitless strategic opportunities. Fool the enemy by dropping a feint on an enemy city then circle back and capture it with the alliance military.

Make troopers gather lumber in nearby forests and fight off several barbarian bands along the way. It is also expected that forces will be divided among multiple commanders with the intention of having interaction in a variety of activities simultaneously.

Get unlimited gems and money
Get unlimited gems and money

Allegiance System:

Gamers can assist one another with a variety of alliance options, including alliance chat with translation capability, officer roles, and map markers to coordinate tactics. In Realm of the Ancients alliances can expand their territory to secure assets, seize barbarian outposts and mountain passes to reinforce their place, and cooperate to unlock group accomplishments.

Take over the kingdom:

Defend this vast kingdom along with your alliance. During a MMO style battle royale, players must fight against each other and use superior techniques to win. You as well as your civilization will likely be regarded as a part of your kingdom’s history when you attain the top!

Role-playing game commanders:

From Julius Caesar and Solar Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige, name dozens of historical figures who are capable of acting as your loyal commanders. You will be able to develop your commanders as you defeat barbarians and send them into battle, and then improve their talents as they gain experience with an RPG-model talent tree.

Freedom to explore
Freedom to explore


  • This is the first time ever that you can see infinite zoom on a mobile device!
  • Hunting
  • Intelligence
  • Developing the Kingdom
  • City-Specific Civilizations
  • Graphics are excellent
  • Fashion 3D Characters
  • …and more…

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
Download latest mod version 2021
Download latest mod version 2021

How to install Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK (unlimited gems-money) Download APK?

  1. Download Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK (unlimited gems-money) file.
  2. Double click on the APK file
  3. Follow the steps on the screen.
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