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DeveloperFansipan Limited
Latest VersionV1.6.26
CategoryAction Game
Total installs5,000,000+
Requirements5.0 and up
Mod FeaturesEverything unlimited
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Is it your favorite type of video game to play side-scrolling action? You will become the knight who will save the world if you play Shadow Knight Premium! Defeat different monsters today!

Currently, you can play a variety of side-scrolling games. In spite of being in 2D-style, these games are quite enjoyable and addictive. Play these right now if you don’t know what they are. 

A great way to save the land of Harmonia is to play the game. Among the people here you will find humans, orcs, spirits, dwarves, ghosts, undead, elves, and beast men!

In order to prevent the world from falling into ruins, you’ll have to set up your game as soon as possible. You will experience an epic adventure here, traveling to forests, dungeons, towns, and more.

 In today’s game, you can enjoy a lot of fights and complete a lot of levels, earning lots of achievements. Moreover, you may upgrade your skills and weapons in order to have epic battles at the moment. Have fun today!

A bright world used to dwell in Harmonia until the dark forces of hell invaded, bringing death and despair to all citizens.

The goal of Shadow Knight’s samurai ninja warriors is to defeat the evil enemies and save the world of Harmonia from the shadow wars by defeating the immortals of Darkness. What will you do?

Now is the time to join this fighting game!


▶ Extreme Ninja Game Feeling

Discover this dark fantasy world as a ninja warrior or samurai fighter in one of the best action RPG fighting games. There are interesting mystery points for you to discover as you run, climb, and jump through different types of complex terrain!

▶ Adventure Fantastic Fighting Game

With the help of your ninja warrior, you and your friend will engage in endless battles of dark fantasy. Adventure through dungeons, forests, and towns as a powerful warrior, a skilled ninja, or a samurai. Be a shadow legend and defeat ultimate enemies, powerful bosses to dominate this game!

▶ Gear Up In Style

Create your own samurai ninja warrior by choosing from hundreds of weapons, equipment, and runes. It’s Your Knight, Your Style, so get ready to engage in the most harrowing battles!

▶ Earn rewards by completing missions

Complete as many quests as possible to get the most rewards. Do not forget that you’ve still got more than 100 achievements to accomplish. Complete quests that bring gem, energy, key,… and receive rewards!

Upgrading is easy

During your absence, your warriors continue to be trained and gather resources. As soon as you return, they will be stronger, have new levels, and learn new skills. Training a powerful Ninja warrior team and preparing for battle! Try completing quests that reward you with gems, energy, keys, etc.


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Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK All Characters Unlocked
Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK All Characters Unlocked

* Notice:

Shadow Knight is an online game and requires a stable internet connection.


  • Immortality
  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlimited money and gems
  • Free shopping
  • Deathly adventure


  • Immortality
  • High Damage


  • Mod Menu
  • God Mod
  • Disable Enemy
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Auto Win Stage

Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure puts players in control of warriors who battle dark enemies in a Shadow game. There are many different levels you can play quickly and access. Meanwhile, you will also be able to promptly change your tactics with the character change feature. In each chapter of the game, you will face diverse and convenient bosses.


Shadow Knight takes place amongst a multitude of races, including Humans, Elves, Undead, and many others. The conquering armies from hell destroyed this peace one day. They were beings of darkness that were completely different from other races. A shadow knight is one who fights these entities and brings light to Harmonia.

A typical Shadow game world will have both characters and enemies with the same color, black. There will also be differentiating features on them, such as Shadow Knights, whose weapons will be distinguished by color.

To enhance the character’s color in the game, the environment in the game chooses pale colors like fog. Then you’ll travel to many different places and battle enemies that gradually appear.

Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK All Characters Unlocked3
Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK All Characters Unlocked3


This is a video game where players can control characters manually in a 2D environment with two hands. You will encounter a variety of enemies with diverse strengths, but will not have much difficulty controlling the character.

There are monsters of all kinds, as well as elite enemy warriors. When they are trying to take you down, you will control a character to fight them.

You can unlock attacks, jumps, and skills as you progress through the game. The level at which they will become available will be indicated. Creating impressive combos and optimizing the killing of enemies is possible using combined attacks.

Moreover, anyone who plays this game will love the fact that not only will they control one character, but they can switch to another character as well.


After you select the level you want to access, the game will show you its levels. In this game, you will control two characters on the left side of the screen. As soon as the game begins, you will decide when to change your character to suit your strategy.

Ashley will use a gun to attack long-range enemies, while Noah will deal with melee attacks. Thus, these two characters have quite different weapons and characteristics.

Changing the character correctly will take time to cool down. At the same time, if a player participates in the level with only one character, the experience gained by the two characters will be equal.

Upon reaching the experience limit, their level will increase, and their stats will also improve. From there, your confidence will grow and you will be able to take on strong enemies like bosses and achieve your goals more quickly.

Epic Side-Scrolling Platform

It is a game developed by Fansipan Limited and features breathtaking action sequences, stories, and adventures. Your goal is to prevent the world from descending into chaos and eventually the shadow wars.

In order to do so, you’ll have to defeat incredibly powerful monsters in different races. Many monsters can be found in this book, including dwarves, orcs, the undead, spirits, beast men, and elves. Throughout your journey today, you’ll encounter lots of these monsters!

Keep up by leveling up and equipping the best weapons and equipment. Enhance your skills by collecting resources. Take part in endless battles today!

screen 4
screen 4

Shadow Knight Premium Features

Play its Premium version today if you like action and adventure games! Here are a few of its great features.

Embark on Challenging A Journey: 

Adventure/action games have become very popular in recent years. It’s easy to see why games like these are so popular, since they are fun for almost any age and they are addictive. 

Getting the Premium version is the best way to save Harmonia from its doom! Playing this game is a pleasure because of its fantastic graphics and intense gameplay! Several levels are available in this game, each with a unique storyline.

The game has various races of monsters that players can fight, such as Beast Men, Elves, Dwarves, Spirits, Orcs, Undead, Humans, and many others. Climb, run, jump, and do all kinds of combos. 

Using different firepower and ranges, your character can do a wide range of skills here. Play to your limit today and upgrade many equipment and skills. You can also complete challenges and get rewards for doing so.

Receive rewards by completing missions: 

Shadow Knight Premium has a lot of quests to do. After completing each of these challenges, you’ll gain many rewards that you can use in battle. Completing challenging tasks will reward you with gems, energy, keys, and many other rewards. You can easily level up and face many more levels if you fight and earn many achievements today. Don’t hesitate!

Upgrade Weapons and Equipment:

You’ll be able to obliterate your enemies by collecting the best weapons and equipment here. Hundreds of items provide runes that can be levelled up and made more powerful. Test your strength and strategies today by engaging in unique battles. You should strategize even if you are powerful!

Epic Fights:

Here you’ll find many different types of fights. Some will require long-range battles, while others will require close combat. Regardless of the enemy, you will need to give it your all today. Shadow wars threaten to annihilate the world, so do not be afraid.

Amazing skills and control:

You can use many different characters in battle during the game. These characters all have their own special skills you can develop. Develop as many combos as you like today!

What’s New in the Latest Version?

* Chest: New Weapon Wishlist
* Arena: Remake Arena Battle, Ranking, Avarta Icon, Ranking Border, Shop, Rewards
* VIP system: New Loyal Membership VIP system
* Dungeon: New Ads for Ticket
* Added Claim All button on Daily Quest, Achievement
* Rebalance Tavern, Gacha and Enhance Event
* Fix some bugs and optimize game

Alternative Games:

Idle Heroes MOD APK, House Flipper MOD APK, Mobile Legends MOD APK, Dr Parking 4 MOD APK, Godus MOD APK, Pou MOD APK, Soda Dungeon MOD APK, Dr Driving 3D MOD APK, and Cartoon Wars 2 MOD APK are the best alternative games.

everything unlimited
Everything unlimited

Game Reviews:

“Absolutely amazing and wonderful game! Its kinda easy to say but its true. This game was awesome! The first reason I gave it 5 star is its kinda easy to get the loot and the second one the diamond… because every time you complete the task you will earn 100 – 300 hundred diamond every time you complete the task. Huhh, I love it, love it, love it!!! Its crazy amazing and awesome!” By Joan Jane

“having to watch ads to literally get anything is extremely annoying, having only 2 champions and u need to pay real money to get the others is also frustrating, implementing another way to get the other champions would be really nice even if its grindy at least we will have a choice, other than that the game is super fun i love the mechanics, the animations, the skills and the gear system. overall a really good game.” By Bedi Saber

“Really good game.. but 2 stars because of the really terrible like one of the worst matchmaking systems in probably all of the games in play store lol. And once u got matched up with someone, u cant even quit. Very bad ,once i got matched up with a person whos HP was 65000 and mine was 1200 lmfao.” By VAMPIREZEUS

“Started mediocre, got way cooler New update ruined it. Match making in arena isn’t even like earlier, not even close. 40 level challenge is literally impossible at the end. My heart to friends isn’t counting fully. A small glitch, watch ads for rewards- can’t click on other ads right after watching one. Having to close and open again. Love the blue vip, hope gold vip can be made possible to increase.” By Sreeprad Review Source Google play store

Download Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK – Unlimited money

The game will let you eliminate tons of monsters! Upgrade your gear today and start combating.

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