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NameSpace Shooter
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Play Galaxy Attack with Space War and control your spaceship to take out strange creatures. In space, you will encounter flies. By colliding with them, you can damage the ship. Prepare for weapon attacks, conquer new locations in the galaxy.

Taking off from near the Earth, the player gradually travels to other planets by spaceship. It’s not as easy as you think. To progress, you need to destroy your enemies. Many new fighters are available with a variety of weapons. We are talking about One hit Space Shooter Mod APK.

It takes a long time to travel in a large space. In order to deal with both large enemies and large allies, you must devise an attack and defense strategy. In the battle, most of the enemy team consists of flies. The flies are larger and more colorful than normal flies. Assert your strength all the way to the stars. Remove all obstacles from the way.

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Mod version Space Shooter:

  • V1: Unlimited money
  • V2: Onehit, God mode
  • V3. Unlock All ships
  • V4. Free Shopping in V1.523
  • Ban my bay
  • All unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems

Download Space Shooter mod – Fierce war in the galaxy:

Within seconds of activating the spaceship and starting to move, flies begin to attack the player. Whenever the player appears, he is at risk. The more you know them, the harder they are to destroy. As such, Space Shooter Mod APK offers a dynamic gameplay experience.

It unleashes a fierce space war with flies and the guys behind them. The player must work hard to survive this trip with herds of enemies, a contradictory nature.


The game takes players to a futuristic setting, like most previous arcade flight shooters. Over the past century, human technologies have developed and improved more than before, especially in aerospace. A person at that time could conquer the stars and reach them. The problem stems from this.

With the development of both technology and powerful weapons, mankind has entered the discovery stage and discovered new species on earth. They aim to invade our planet and the entire galaxy instead of being friendly.

Our galaxy’s protection squads have been wiped out by an alien legion. The most powerful ship in the galaxy has been selected for the mission of shielding the galaxy during this devastating war and stowing away the Aliens’ distinctive ambitions. 

Your new mission is to accompany your teammates and other alien allies in the fight against the evil aliens. Protect this beautiful galaxy by commanding your fighter against the evil aliens?

The Gameplay:

Space Shooter resembles previous Arcade flight-shooter games in its gameplay. The player will control a spaceship to fight aliens. Besides using their available firepower, players should also avoid enemy fire by flying subtly. In addition to having extreme firepower, the enemy moved fast and had unpredictable speed. 

In order to avoid the enemy bullets and attacks, the player must put all his attention into controlling the spaceship. The player can also pick up power items to increase the ship’s firepower and defense. Since the game is a flight shooter, it has been adjusted and redesigned to offer players a true entertainment experience.


Aside from bringing the nostalgia of the arcade hit flight shooter one time, it also incorporated a new addition to make players’ experiences more exciting. First of all, there are a wide variety of weapons and spacecraft systems in the game that impress many gamers.

Every time a player defeats an alien and challenges them with mortal kombat, they will receive a reward corresponding to how much money they have collected along the way.

This bonus will allow players to unlock new weapons, new fighters and make their strength and armor grow over time. New fighters and weapons help players overcome challenging levels at the same time. A new PvP mode makes the game even more captivating.

It allows players to interact with other players in the international arena. The new feature is very rare in Flight shooter titles, so the game has an advantage over similar games that makes it more appealing to players.

 Threatening Enemies:

Although overcoming them is not always easy, flies are just the beginning of a battle. Those flies are really the one to worry about. Large bosses with modern weaponry are always causing players to find a way to destroy them. Even if the Flies are only destroyed by a few bullets, the boss’ stamina is incredible. It takes a long time for a weapon with the base damage level to explode.

Upgrades to Spaceships:

It can also fight well when the enemy appears, in addition to being able to move. It features a beautiful rated spaceship system with diverse colors in Space Shooter. As a fighter’s quality increases, its number of stars increases as well.

Choosing a spaceship with great damage from the start will give you power. You can upgrade stronger during the battle with the bonus money, of course.

The Support of Both Sides:

As part of the combat support function, each spacecraft is equipped with a mini-aircraft. Defeat enemies by working with small fighters. If you are shopping for a mini spacecraft, there are many features that you should consider.

I adore fighters who sacrifice themselves to stop the enemy from shooting. Players are thrust into a world full of dangerous creatures in the game. The enemy uses a number of tricks to trick you, and you must be alert to deal with them.

A Neat Effect:

Graphically, the game is quite impressive. Players enjoy the colors in the galaxy battles. Despite its power, Lightning’s engine always surprises players. It is dramatic and eye-catching in the game.

It is crucial to restore peace in the galaxy in Space Shooter. A spaceship’s enemies are always looking for ways to bring it down. Assaulting targets in front with an improved weapon system. A new mystery unfolds with each closing challenge. To complete the storyline created by the publisher, players need to download its mod version.

Galaxy-saving Heroes:

It features a fleet of alien monsters advancing on Earth behind a dreamy sky and white clouds. NASA has destroyed all of its squadrons.

Is life on Earth doomed? Y’all are here. There is only one last hero left on Earth, and you are it. Defend the galaxy from alien invasions as the only one with the mission to do so.

How can you survive this brutal war? Sailing the most powerful ship of all time makes you a hero. During the war against the evil aliens, you will also be a companion to your teammates.

Bosses and Nemeses:

It is easy to defeat the enemy in the first stage. In the game: Galaxy Attack you encounter many aliens and warships. The game will also include dozens of new spaceships each with their own unique function. The ultimate weapon with which bosses are armed is their power.

The mission is to save the galaxy from bad guys like Chicken Invader. You will encounter different enemies on each world you visit, including deadly cannons, fire meteorites, laser bombs, and countless modern spaceships loaded with deadly weapons, such as cannons, fire meteorites, and laser bombs.

Aside from the interesting functions of Space Shooter Galaxy Attack, the graphics elements are also intriguing. A match with excellent picture quality is like a blockbuster with amazing lighting and effects. A vast array of powerful warships and missiles is ready to help you beat your opponents with ease.

As a result, “space war party” has become even more attractive. Count on me! Taking your eyes off the game even for a second will be impossible once you are in it.

User Reviews:

“Cant find my review yesterday with the developer saying “oh captain you dont need to spend money to get stronger” i want to see you try playing this game without spending. You have to play every waking moment just to get by and just for example merging ships. Look at the requirements lets see if you can merge a ship without paying. Lets see how long it will take you to achieve that. Im refunding my money that i spend on this game and gonna spend it on a game that deserves my money.” By Karlo Sazon

“Deleted previous review. Good game until you run in to a pay wall, and No you can not progress without paying despites your flippant comments to say otherwise. I need 30 Hero badges to merge a ship, I have grinded for weeks and have not got a single one. Considering the amount of add revenue you have got out of me, you could throw people a bone and remove the paywall.” By Dee T

“Getting boring, taking to long to pass levels. Probably end up deleting this game. Tj Gibson I agree with you. 4,10,21. Finally had enough of this game, its got boring and to hard to pass levels. I don’t want to join a group like they said to pass levels easier. So goodbye to this game.” By stephen Carter

“Love this game, if you like space ship shooter games this is by far the best one to play, plenty of ways to upgrade ships, mini ships, different equipment you can unlock to make ships more powerful. I give this game a 9.7. Try for yourself and click that download button today.” By John J Urban. Review Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

– Event Halloween
– New Space Ship Onmyouji
– New Planet 40
– New Merge equipment features.
– Optimize game performance.

Game Screenshots:

Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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