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DeveloperKingsGroup Holdings
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CategoryStrategy Game
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Real-time strategy game State of Survival Mod Apk is set in a post-apocalyptic world six months after the zombie virus wiped out the living. The game is published by KingsGroup Holdings. It will be the player’s responsibility to find shelter for the survivors in the Badlands city.

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During the post-apocalyptic strategy game, six months after the zombie virus began spreading, the player has to survive in order to survive. After arriving in the Badlands, the user will look for the survivors’ shelter in the city. Zombies are an integral part of this game.

The game includes city construction and management as well as survival strategy. As the player expands his fortification, the player must use the skills of his heroes, sending them on raids to find resources.

It combines a strategy game with city management and construction in a whole new genre of survival strategy games. To expand the territory of the fortification, the player must use the skills of the heroes, send them in raids for valuable resources.

State of Survival Game Mod Apk Unlimited Biocaps- (1)
State of Survival Game Mod Apk Unlimited Biocaps- (1)

How to play State of Survival?

In your role as Chief, you are charged with assisting in the implementation of a long-term plan to reestablish human society in a dynamic environment. By breaking the boundaries, settling in the surrounding areas, capturing the resources you need, and then upgrading to play the next level, you will be able to win the game.

Aside from expanding resource production, you will promote technological innovations that support the survival of State of Survival citizens.

The other responsibility you have is to direct daily activities, which is to destroy zombies and fight bandits that attack. The objective of this game is to lead a combined army made up of archers, snipers, melee fighters and motorcycle riders. In addition to the brave dog on your task force, there is another member of the team.

State of Survival Game Mod Apk Unlimited Biocaps (1)
State of Survival Game Mod Apk Unlimited Biocaps (1)

Build your army to Hunt Zombies:

With its spread, the zombie virus has destroyed civilization across the country. In the immediate aftermath of the collapse, the military and government have gone underground. It is now the infected who control the globe. We need to build a city that will withstand zombies and monsters.

As the plague spreads, the people are in desperate need of a hero! It’s a matter of survival! Make new friends or take on other survivors in this adventure. Play sniper mode while shooting zombies with your rifle. Building an army is the only way to protect yourself from death and the battlefield is reserved for heroes! Make every effort to survive this terrible war.

You won’t have an easy time winning this fight. Hundreds of infected are scattered throughout the world. Despite the scarcity of resources, you must salvage what is left of society. To survive in this MMORPG, you’ll need to build a new city, a new squad, and a new strategy. Take on the zombies in State Of Survival!

Find your allies (1)
Find your allies (1)

Campaign leader

As a follow-up to this ambitious campaign, you will continue the search for innovative remedies to the zombie plague with the help of Dr. Yamazaki, a researcher who has been searching for revolutionary remedies. Whenever you need information or resources, you may be directed to lead a small team of first-class warriors, known as Heroes.

It is possible to confront the nearby undead with defensive traps and towers, which will help you oppose them. It is ideal to have a candidate who is disease-free, possessing strategic thinking and passion for restoring civilization.

Also, you must be active, as well as independent, as well as communicate effectively with the other leaders in the Union of State of Survival. As a player of State of Survival Apk, you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule, a chance to command from home, and the opportunity to lead hard-working citizens keen on executing your orders.

Features in State of Survival Mod Apk:


Develop a post-apocalyptic world for your survivors that resembles a safe haven in the absence of the military. The time has come for your strategy to come into play. Defend yourself now against the invasion! Do your best to survive.


The objective of State of Survival is to save as many survivors as you can from the battle against the infected zombies. It is important to identify those with special abilities, as they will be the heroes of the plague war. Let’s start shooting.


Mutations are occurring rapidly in the zombie army disease. A survivor needs to learn as much as they can to make sense of the situation before the zombie invasion occurs. It is the person with the ability to control the infection that controls the world! Survivorship is the name of the game in the war out there. End the apocalypse now.


It is true that numbers make a difference. The strategy survival game Zombievenom requires you to forge strategic partnerships and allies to survive the infected wilderness. Take on armies of zombies to defend your territory from the apocalypse, and crush anybody who tries to take advantage of you. It’s survival or nothing!

Rip up the Rulebook:

This is the second life cycle of humanity. Change the rules on how humanity will progress. In this game, you will fight zombies. This game boasts a contemporary, massively popular style that makes it appealing to a wide range of people.

It promotes the intelligence and solidarity of mankind. Having a steely will and teamwork helps us overcome every obstacle, even a 0.01% chance.

Team up and fight
Team up and fight

Download game State of Survival Mod Apk:

Download the mod version of the game from the above button. If you ever feel that the download button is not working, you can comment in the below section. We’ll try to respond your queries as soon as possible. You’ll get everything unlimited in mod menu hack version.

Try and survive
Try and survive

Installation Guide:

Using the video, you can download the apk mod and install it easily.

  • Click on the above download button to begin.
  • Wait for the download to complete, then open the file.
  • Install the State of Survival Mod Apk on your Android device.
  • Play the game and follow the instructions.
  • Step 5: Start playing the game and enjoy the game.

Game Reviews:

“Completely has become a power to the spenders game. They like to say “you can spend to get a slight boost”… Nope, nothing even close. I was a mid-level spender and you can not compete with heavy spenders. F2P players don’t stand a chance in game unless they get in a big alliance to protect them. The constant connection issues will test anyone’s patience.” By Honey Badger

“Since the last update till now I couldn’t login to the game. I have written series of messages with screenshots and videos but nothing has been done till this moment. It’s quite annoying playing and dedicating my time everyday for over a year and with just one update i couldn’t access the game again. I have over 64GB memory with 8GB ram and 4G/Wifi connections. Please fix ASAP; State: 479. In-game name: Da boss. I have always enjoy playing the game regardless of pay to win or free player.” By Sheriff Tijani

“Had a few major issues, one when I had paid for content that was never resolved. Only play if you are willing to treat this as a paid game, don’t go overboard, and have a limit. The Devs do not care if your game messed up and cost you a huge item (even when you are paying). Outside of that, if you can find a server that isn’t dying, and a good group, you’ll have a lot of fun. The game is good to get you thought a lockdown.” By David Garrett

“the game is all about Money. you ugrade and it takes 17 days to upgrade one building . thats no fun . your not fighting against the infected your always against other people. the game starts out against the infected buts its a lie . all this game is about Money,no fun. not only that they can’t even answer a simple question nor fix the hesitation in the game. day after day it hesitates . they always need info from you like state and name.” By Randol Rothgeb Review Source Google play store

What’s New in the Latest version?

– Frightful Halloween: It’s time for another spooky party! As night falls, are you ready to go dancing with the ghosts? Participate in Halloween events including Trick or Treat, Haunted Halloween, Gift Rush, Dolled-up Frank and Airdrop Surprise to get Halloween-themed HQ Skin, March Skin, Frame Skin, Decorations and other prizes.
– Optimized the experience of using resource items to make the process more efficient.

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