Stick War: Legacy MOD APK 2022.1.34 (Unlimited Gems)

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DeveloperMax Games Studios
CategoryStrategy Game
Latest Version2021.1.65
Total installs100,000,000+
Requirements4.4 and up
Mod FeaturesUnlimited All Gems
Last updatedToday

Based on the stickman theme, Stick War: Legacy Mod APK is an action war game. There are different stickman soldiers for players to train in the game and a fierce and exciting battlefield to command your stickman warriors to fight!

To play the game, players must create their own stickman team, then guide them to participate in the battle. Successful defeat of various enemies requires flexible operations! The strategic interest of “Stick War: Legacy Mod APK” differs from similar titles, as it also has a unique focus on gameplay innovation.

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Brief Intro:

Gameplay and strategy are extremely important in Stick War: Legacy. There is no simulation aspect to it. If you do not operate, you cannot build troops. There is no doubt that the effects of strengthening and advancing these 6 major arms are beyond your imagination.

The key to victory lies in the coordination of the lineup. It is full of features, three game modes, pass mode, competitive match mode, endless zombie mode, fight in the zombie frenzy, wait until the first few nights.

With over 1000W+ downloads on Google Play, Stick War: Legacyapk is an excellent strategy war mobile game. Six major units can be controlled at once, the lineup is strategically matched, players are able to move very quickly, and the game is extremely flexible. Those with no brains can only self-destruct. This battlefield needs you to win the war.

Stick war legacy unlimited all
Stick war legacy unlimited all

Game Background:

As a player in a world known as Inamorta, you’ll find yourself surrounded by many countries that have distinct characteristics, each dedicated to researching the technology of their communities in order to gain dominance. Defending against attacks is unique to every country.

By taking weapons as beliefs, they have become obsessed with worshiping their unique craftsmanship. Everyone thinks that spreading the policies of their own country to all others will only be possible through the guidance of their leader or the use of war. Archidons are called archers’ methods, swordsmen’s methods, wizards’ methods, and spearmen’s methods.

As leader of the “Medal Empire,” you are committed to peace and education. Weapons do not hold a sacred place in the religion of your people. Therefore, you are an attractive target for foreign troops. As soon as you conquer a country, you can only acquire their skills by attacking first.

Obtain stickmen’s freedom by downloading Stick War Legacy Mod Menu APK – Unlimited gems – Latest version for Android. The goal is to become a champion by building armies and mining gold.

Mobile players can now play one of the most popular and highly rated web games of all time!

Take the challenge of Stick War, the most addictive, fun, challenging and huge stick figure game. Form or assemble your army. Each stickman is in your hands. Create your own units, mine gold, find out how to be a swordsman, spearman, archer, mage, or giant. Defeat the enemy statue by capturing all the territories!

Stick war legacy unlimited upgrade points
Stick war legacy unlimited upgrade points

Features of Stick War Legacy Mod APK:

  • We release new levels every Friday in Missions Mode! It will be difficult to keep order.
  • There are multiple rewards on the Saga map.
  • Unlock Crowns at all difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Insane!
  • Enjoy this and numerous other new game types – Win before sunset, Triple barricaded gold, Deathmatch, vs Mini Bosses and much more!
  • A new blood effect and improved taking damage animation have been added to improve arrows sticking into all units.
  • The aim of the Archidon bow and unit formation have been improved.

Key Features:

  • The Order Empire is born in the Classic Campaign. Six bonus levels are now available.
  • Zombie survival mode with Endless Deads! Can you last for several nights?
  • Tournament mode! Defeat dozens of AI opponents in order to win the “Crown of Inamorta!”
  • All characters now have skins! Discover unique weapons and armor!

There are nations in a place called Inamorta devoted to their own technologies and competing for dominance. They have each developed their own methods of defense as well as of attacking. Due to their devotion to their unique craft, they have turned weapons into a religion.

Those nations believe their way of life is the only way, and they see it as their duty to impart their policies to all other nations through what their leaders claim is divine intervention, or war.

The others are known as: “Archidons”, “Swordwrath”, “Magikill” , and “Speartons”.

As the leader of the nation called Order, you lead with peace and knowledge. Respecting your weapons as gods is not a practice in your people. Infiltration is easier in this nation. It is only possible to defend yourself if you attack first, and obtain technologies from each nation along the way.

Stick war legacy unlimited chest
Stick war legacy unlimited chest

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited All
  • Unlimited gems, upgrade points and gold
  • Unlimited chest
  • Infinity fan apk
  • Mod Hack Version
  • 999 Army
  • Download for android and ios version
  • Old and latest version download

How to play Stick War Legacy Mod APK?

The game has three modes: classic, tournament, and endless zombie. For beginners, the classic mode functions as a tutorial. On the first and second levels, I will explain how you can use these stick figures. It’s the level of the giant battle in the last level of classic mode. The level may be unfamiliar to some players. 

In order to get the gold you will need two swordsmen and 100 gold, and then you will need a few miners, and then you will wait for the miners to get the gold. You can get many more swordsmen once you have a swordsman. You should get 12 swordsmen. The swordsman should be modified to full level at the early stage.

By the way, you have to purchase two to three enhanced swordsmen in the store. Do not strike people so ferociously, Potion. Two more rows or two more mines can be obtained when you get archers. They then came back for more, killing some swordsmen, then getting a mage. Do not use soldiers with long hair. As you near the end, try to get two or three giants, and keep the gold between 6000 and 8000. That way, you can fight the boss with a good amount of gold. 

As soon as you’re ready to face the boss, you use the potion to bolster the swordsman’s strength. It is required to have a Giant or Archer at full level to play Super Championship mode. There is a charge mode needed to fire at their miners in the finals. I have worked on it for several days now. When they are dead, more swordsmen will appear. You can use an archer in a row after you reach 16 (the first 500 gold must be swordsmen.) 

This is because killing all the miners will lead to no gold, and no soldiers will be able to be made. As soon as your swordsman has 16 archers in a row, you will rush directly. If you rush directly, you will win. By hitting the champion, you can earn a new star to unlock the avatar. By using the avatar, you can boost your stickman’s strength. 

To survive the endless zombie waves, you need to use the endless zombie mode. Your performance will determine how long you can survive. It is impossible to plan ahead. It’s not difficult to hit 15 waves in (*’*’*)(*’*’*)(If you’ve played the classic mode, this mode is much easier.

Player Reviews About The Game:

Reviewed By Kama Blades:

OK, look. I am constantly surrounded by people who think strategy is overated. So, I am always looking for games to prove them wrong. I knew that when I first played the original Stick Wars, this game was for me. So for years now, I have played all their games and managed to convice people around me to play. I believe this game isn’t just for those with a strategic mind, but for those who love to do fun and stupid things. If you like any of the things I’ve just said, then this game is for you.

Reviewed By Fr1d4y Source:

My dreaded problem isn’t that the game P2W or that it’s bad. . Supported this game for YEARS… $5 at a time, for a long time… Onto the 3rd phone. Same account and AGAIN, no bloody cloud save / sync. All those progress and milestones, AGAIN gone for good. I’ll stop supporting this game to save myself some soda money. I got zero hope for that simple cloud save to be in this game at this point. If whoever made the game even care enough for that matter.

Reviewed By John Ruelas:

This game is amazing I love it and the new update it is way tooooo cool and I have over all the skins and I have 96124812 gems and am soooooo Happy that it doesn’t have over any ads they are ridiculous I love this GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed By Terri Duncan:

This game is one of my favorite games so far. It’s full of action and overall I give it 5 stars. Although I do wish you could lower the gems for new armor. That’s my only complaint I love this game and really recommend. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

New Undead Skins Added for all units!
Units that die wearing Undead Skins spawn back as Deads.
User controlled last hit kills spawn back as Deads and convert to your team.
Endless Deads now has 3 difficulties!
New and updated missions!

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