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A WhatsApp Conversation spy app lets you monitor conversations between children, spouses, or employees, record conversations and audio files of those conversations, take pictures of secretly taken texts, MMS messages, and Facebook messages, and more.

Android and iOS users can download this cracked modified apk file. In contrast, you will need to jailbreak an iOS device.

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What Are Its Benefits?

The use of WhatsApp Spy is varied. A few examples are:

  • Using it, parents can monitor the chats and calls their children make on WhatsApp. Teenagers are better protected with this software and have control over the Internet and their devices.
  • The application allows you to keep track of employee performance and behavior. As well as maintaining a strict policy on sharing internal details, these features allow you to restrict access to it.
  • You can get access all the chats of any account
  • In addition to spying on WhatsApp messages, the spy app creates a backup of your phone and chat history. Another spying feature lets you track your phone and your conversations.

What WhatsApp Spy can do?

Some of the most common features are mentioned below,

Front Camera Photos:

Each time the phone is unlocked, a picture gets taken and sent to the Reports section, unless you opt not to receive the pictures.

SIM Card Detection:

Your online account will be notified when a user changes their SIM card

The hidden phone tracker:

With this app,, you can track what your contacts do on WhatsApp without them knowing. WhatsApp Spy works as a spy app that is hidden in stealth mode. Consequently, Android users do not have to worry about it.

Chat reading ability:

 Your account dashboard lets you read all the chats from WhatsApp. The conversation logs are uploaded into the account of the target device.

Keep track of calls: 

It allows you to easily capture the voices and videos of the target device on WhatsApp. Each call can be viewed in detail, such as the time and duration; who made it, and when.

Message Type (Sent/Received): 

Besides reading the text conversations, you can also determine the type of message, e.g., received or sent.

Call Type (Outgoing / Incoming): 

Apart from monitoring the call logs, you can also learn what kind of call was made by WhatsApp – a voice call, video call, an incoming, or outgoing call, for example.

Chat groups: 

It allows you to monitor both individual conversations on WhatsApp as well as group chats. The group information can also be viewed, including its name, its members, its media, and its files.


The WhatsApp Spy app allows you to check a variety of media files sent on WhatsApp. For a complete view of the message and media, you can open them all.

The target device’s WhatsApp contacts can be checked. You can, for instance, include the name, the number, and the profile photo.

Date and Time: 

Your dashboard account maintains a record of each message and conversation.

History of Internet usage on your phone: 

WhatsApp Spy software records the website visits of the target device’s user with its Hoverwatch feature.

Keep track of Facebook messages: 

It saves audio, video, and text files from Facebook messages to your account. Additionally, this application is capable of recording all calendar data, contacts, and even a device’s location.

whatsapp conversation spy Apk 2021
whatsapp conversation spy Apk 2021

Particularly for parents:

While many parents are still reluctant to give their children smartphones, mobile devices can be a great way to keep in touch.

The mobile phone, which is an irreplaceable tool, allows you to contact your child anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, smartphones can be a threat to your child’s safety as well as distracting them from schoolwork. In the past, it was impossible to combat WhatsApp Spy and other keylogging apps, so parents were wary of letting their kids make use of these devices.

Fortunately, technology allows you to protect your kids from playing video games during school hours or sharing personal information with strangers, potentially endangering them and their families.

For Employers:

Other people can also benefit from a WhatsApp spy program besides parents.

If you work with a large staff, keeping an eye on each employee can seem impossible. When employees have the opportunity, they will exploit the situation. People don’t like to work hard when they don’t have anyone watching.

This app will keep your employees alert throughout all waking hours with the app. You become motivated to work harder knowing that every move you make is being tracked and compared with those of other employees. The installation of this app on each employee’s corporate phone will make everyone happy (except for slackers and freeloaders), but be careful about making employees follow outrageous rules.

Alternative Apps:

NS Whatsapp and YoWhatsapp for iPhone are the best apps that you can use as an alternative.

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