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Have you been searching for Zero City Mod Apk? If so, you have come to the right place. This is a 100% working blackmod apk file latest version with unlimited money and cryptocoins. You will get everything unlimited as well.

It’s an action game where you must control the survivors. You need to train, assign responsibilities, and lead them. It is everyone’s duty to do the right thing. Strengthen your base.

You must defend your shelter against zombies in this game. It is dangerous to deal with them. In order to defeat them, your army must battle with them. You can download v1.23.5, V1.24.0, and V1.25.1.

Viruses are spreading so fast around the world. The objective of this game is to rescue everyone from the zombies.

In this game, you have to manage refugee camps. Due to the fact that you must rescue people from different buildings. In order to prevent them from being harmed by zombies. It’s for this reason that refuge management is so important.

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What is Zero City Mod?

Watching numerous Zombie films and fiction series has led us to a more realistic perception of dead brains today. There must be 1 in every 100 people not watching a Zombies movie on Netflix.

There is no doubt that almost everyone knows what Zombies are, their lifestyle, and all the other stuff they do. Zombies are mutant virus-affected brains that become dead and wander around eating humans.

After hearing about such a mutant virus, are you feeling both exceptional and scared? We have a fantastic Android game called Zero City Zombie Games for you if you agree. Zombies, their viruses, and how to survive a zombie apocalypse are all major subjects in this top-ranked Android game.

Furthermore, you will have access to professional weapons to defeat them all!

The Zero City Zombie Games are capable of killing your boredom and giving you all the entertainment you could ever want. It’s a modified version of the game with infinite money and more MOD scripts to help you survive. Check it out below!

Zero City Blackmod Mod APK 2021
Zero City Blackmod Mod APK 2021

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Refuge Management

Build shelters and rooms for the homeless. They are afraid of zombies because they are ready to attack them. Despite their size and strength, they are a powerful group. It is already populated with workers. Give them responsibilities. As a result, they will begin building powerful shelters for humans to protect and save them from zombies.

Train Your People

You’ll need your people accordingly to win this game. Make sure they know how to fight zombies. The best way to build a strong shelter and a room for people.

Dwellers Developing:

It does not matter if you are a survivor or not, we all have a job to do during these dark times! Upgrade your people’s skills, and let them show you what they have learned.

Choice Equipment

By dressing them well, you can prepare your army. To fight zombies, give them powerful weapons and bombs.


Multiplayer mode allows you to make your own team. Defend yourself. Dismantle their shelters. To finish them quickly, destroy bombs on them. You can play this game offline as well.

Customize your Bunker to withstand Zombie Attacks

If you imagine yourself caught in an Apocalypse more severe than that of the Coronavirus, it would seem unfathomable. Viral infections such as Covid-19 can also be prevented through vaccination. But imagine if you lived in a world where people were dying and the dead brains would be behind you to eat! Isn’t it terrifying?

The reality is that You will have to outlive your friends and rejoin them all to locate the survival items if this scenario is a realistic one. To help you virtually experience the same Zombie Apocalypse, we recommend this Game as one of our best recommendations. You can check out that Apocalypse on your own if you download its mod version.

Unlimited Cryptocoins
Unlimited Cryptocoins

Maintain supplies in your bunker to ensure civilian survival

In order to manage the ceiling, you will have to make in between every pandemic. The stuff you need to survive, especially food, can be found in a single house for an entire life. As you play Zero City Zombie Games, you’ll notice that there is a bunker where you can assist people in surviving the Apocalypse. You will have a roof over your heads and now need to help each other survive!

It is now time to assign each person an individual task according to their capabilities. Put the functions in the right hands like a CEO. It is necessary for you to delegate Electricity and Generator watching to professionals and people with a high level of endurance, for example.

Furthermore, you should employ women who know how to prepare great food to do the food preparation. Then simply follow the rules to survive the apocalypse!

Creating powerful weapons to combat zombies

In an apocalyptic city, weapons are next in importance to shelter, water, electricity, and food. During an apocalypse, everyone needs weapons since zombies can attack anytime, and you have to help the others to survive.

You will also get a weapon room when you explore all the genre-specific rooms, like Kitchen, Generator, Water Turbine, and Control. While protecting yourself from zombies, you must collect all the materials you need to create weapons in the city. Further, all these items can be purchased with the in-game currency you’ll receive inside Zero City Zombie Games, such as coins and diamonds. Decide how you will survive!

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Money

Play multiplayer PVP and Story-based Campaigns

In the above part of the game you can find all the information about the Story mode. The game also has a multiplayer mode for those who want even more excitement, where you can join random online players and engage in PVP. By killing every Zombie, you will be able to collect points.

When you’re considering switching from playing PUBG Mobile and Candy Crush, make your way to Zero City Zombie Games as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you can also check out the modified version of the Game below, including extraordinary premium features. Having this feature will make playing games more convenient for you, so let’s get started –

 Improve your skills with the Modified Version

As the game progresses, the difficulty levels become harder and harder, which is both challenging and fun at the same time. A majority of professional gamers are still stuck at the most challenging campaign levels.

Basically, it is a modified version of Zero City Zombie Games, enabling lots of premium features such as infinite coins, diamonds, and an ad-free gaming interface. It is possible to beat all the challenging levels of the game after having all these features. Don’t get bored with the official version any longer; switch now!

Make unlimited purchases with the infinite Crypto Coins

In this game, Crypto Coins work just like the UC and Gold coins you get in PUBG Mobile. These currencies are important for Android games since everything is paid via them. In order to make all your in-game purchases more convenient, we’re giving you unlimited Crypto Coins.

That’s right, you heard correctly! This game lets You make in-app purchases indefinitely without even investing a penny. Download the MOD APK file and enjoy all the professional weapons to eliminate all your zombies fast and efficiently. Have fun!

Unlimited everything
Unlimited everything

There’s a One Hit MOD for any gamer stuck on a complex level

The idea of having unlimited coins must have made you wonder what else you might need, right? Consider the possibility that one day you’ll play an Android game and you’ll be able to kill a zombie with a single shot, regardless of the direction of the shot. Isn’t that cool?

Due to this, we have developed Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK with a magical configuration known as One Hit MOD that doesn’t require any settings, and you just need to download the MOD version and install it on your phone. By killing all the zombies in one shot, you don’t have to make headshots.

It’s time to stop all the ads in this Android game

Even if you already have all the features listed above, online ads continue to urge you to download Byju’s app. Playing online games myself, I can tell you that it’s quite annoying. It is our pleasure to help you avoid the same difficulties we’ve encountered in the past.

In summary, it is an ad-free game. You will not need to download any third-party apps to disable advertisements with our ad-blocking script. See the magic for yourself by downloading Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK!


The design of the objects in Zero City is very detailed, which gives the game beautiful graphics. During the gameplay, you can also see the desolate landscape of the post-apocalyptic world. The images are completely relevant to fans of this genre, and they will draw them into the world the game provides.

A player will not engage in zombie carnage or first-person shooter battles in this game. All of the view will be in a 2D plane when you experience this game; it is reasonable to view everything from any angle.

Base management is the main focus of post-apocalyptic refugees trapped in a zombie infested post-apocalyptic world. During your time as manager of the shelter, you will make sure that there is complete stability for these residents.

After the Apocalypse, construct a base

It offers a variety of exciting experiences, which include helping to stabilize the human survivors’ lives in the bunker. There are various factors you must consider when creating a shelter and enabling people to live in it automatically. Meanwhile, gradual living brings other experiences as well.

You will notice many things in your first steps as you build them. Life stabilization is the first of many important steps in this game. In the shelter, you will be able to build a variety of other things. Having acquired a certain number of characters, you can therefore organize them according to their specialization.

It will take you a long time to build your base from scratch with defensive structures, no diversity before the apocalypse, in which there are food shops, weapons shops, and other facilities. Thus, as your shelter fills with new items, you can choose from various rooms with various functions.  


Building a place that people feel safe in is not the goal of the game. There is a whole world of zombies ahead of us. In combat, the game has special rooms where weapons, costumes, and technical items are produced. Zombie battles require taking part in bloodthirsty battles. You can use the base’s fortified defenses and different groups to expedite your objectives.

In order to fight zombies, you will need many weapons to equip your character with. It will always be a reminder of specific things that you should always pay attention to, and this is likely to be a good thing.

By successfully equipping a weapon, you will be able to participate in many different gameplay scenarios. There is an automatic match where health counts are shown for both sides. They will simultaneously attack each other, and after a while, you’ll be able to guess which one won. As a player, you can contribute to the game screen’s winner using support items. Be prepared to fight zombies with a strong team.


There is one thing that is clear in Zero City: you’re not the only survivor. Apart from gradually bringing people into the shelter and fending off zombies, you can also battle other players to discover their potential. After each victory, you have the opportunity to express your happiness.

How to play the Game?

Graphically, this game is very appealing. Simple controls make the game user-friendly. In the shelters, you can move your members by tapping and dragging. Using your finger, you can perform all actions.

Reviews Of Game

Saugata Dastider: Good game. Which is a single game made with the concept of Fallout Shelter and some other games… Forgot the name. With a new addition of arena matches and zone clearing. Good addition. But the major bummer is the resources and time to generate them. Which tends to kill the fun. But, apart from that same genetic survival game like fall out Shelter.

Alexander Kalinin: This game has something different from Fallout Shelter in it. I’ve just started and later in the game I’ll probably have to wait eons for buildings to complete etc. But it wont be less enjoyble… I hope so. Also worth mentioning a small amount of ads. Right now I love it, thanks devs 🙂

Natalia Tjokro: I lose hope when my warrior class reaches the limit of 3 stars.. At least, give a choice to buy stars for my survivor using game money (not real money), or sell it at tunnel store or arena store. If not, I think I’m going to uninstall it because at this point I can’t do anything..

Moses Walker: I like the game and the graphics…but the game crashes everytime and very slow and not a smooth gameplay and very slow loading and very laggy, and please make it offline……I hope you can fix these….thank you

Lalitkumar Motagi: The grind towards the later part of the game is too much especially since the daily rewards barely give any upgraded weapons or armour. It’s still a pretty good game.

Download Zero City Mod APK Latest Version
Download Zero City Mod APK Latest Version

What’s New in the Latest Version?

– The Nightmare Circus event will start SOON.
– Some in-game bugs fixed
– Added a new storyline location, The Spaceport
– Free rewards in activity stores at: the Arena, the Railroad Station, and the Bunker
– Ability to change your nickname
– New orders for the Officer and an extra 100 levels!
– Ability to make the game’s music theme suit your taste


This game will appeal to those who like action games. The zombies have also been killed by car in this scene. However, here you can find a complete story as well as an entire team. You are fighting alongside a complete team against the enemies.

Zero city mod apk is worth downloading and I hope you will share it with your friends so that they too can get unlimited coins and money for free. The comment section below is available if you encounter any problems downloading this apk.

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